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  1. anyone have a difinitive answer on soy products in food? i know some soy suaces are gluten free but was wondering what the general concensus was.
  2. Hello, what is the name of the restaurant you posted about in Greenville, DE that serves gluten-free pizza? I just need a name and address if possible. :-D Thanks! (durante@justice.com)

  3. not sure about king of prussia, but for a ride on 202 south into delaware there is a pizza place that serves wonderful gluten free pizza and gluten free beer. in greenville delaware on 52 north. i can give directions if interested.
  4. i am new to this board and so far have been very impressed with information and knowledge of the participants. my daughter was diagnsed in september and has been following the diet as best as we can for a newbie. she has recently been having a lot of headaches and i am not sure if this is somehow related. she was asymptomatic prior to diagnosis. her presenting symtom was short stature. we see her md in a few weeks but would like to any other input. thanks!
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