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  1. Velvetta is gluten free. I just figured this out and was very excited about it!
  2. There are vitamins you can get from the pharmacy called 'Gluten Ease'. They are designed to help your digestive track get back on track once you have been 'glutened'. I hope this helps!
  3. There are so many amazing gluten free breads out there now. They live in the freezer section in your local grocery store or Whole Foods. When I was diagnosed 7 years ago there weren't these options. Being sick with morning sickness would only be made so much worse if you were to eat gluten containing breads. Also, please keep in mind that eating gluten products while in your first trimester ups your chances of having a miscarriage. No food is worth the pain or consequences of losing your baby. Good luck to you. Having those two diagnosis on the same day must seem so very overwhelming for you. But, remember, you can do it! And in a couple of years eating gluten free will be like second nature; you'll feel so much better you won't miss foods with gluten anymore. Unfortunately, right now, it might seem like a huge hurdle to have to conquer. But with time, it will get so much easier. One more note, beware of prenatal vitamins. Make sure they say gluten free on the label. Congrats!
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. Try them if you can. It really makes such a difference for me. I just had to try two or three brands until I found the perfect match for my body. Some made my joints hurt and ache others made my tummy turn. Don't be scared. None of them brought on typical celiac symptoms. I think that some of the herbs used are not broken down enough for my then torn-up intestines. I love them so much. Also, my Dr. explained it to me (I also had my gallbladder removed ,) that our pancreases are overworked trying to breakdown gluten proteins that some of the other foods tend to pass without much breakdown or absorption, hence celiac malabsorption and failure to thrive and gain weight. Food enzymes help ease work for the pancreas and therefore, eventually, you will gain some weight, your hair will become MUCH thicker and shinier and overall health will improve much more rapidly than without them. If you should forget a meal, it is no big deal. Good luck.
  6. Oh. Food enzymes do not require a prescription. You can obtain them from any health food store. I get mine from Central Market. They are often label digestive or plant enzymes. You simply take them before you eat and they help the body to break down proteins in foods. Make sure the label says 'gluten-free'. Of course, you still can't have gluten proteins. I hope this helps!!
  7. First, please let your mom know that she is experiencing normal symptoms and feelings associated with celiac following diagnosis. During my first year after diagnosis, I had intense nerve pains in all limbs, severe depression and could not understand why I was not improving more quickly. Unfortunately, research suggests it takes children six months and adults up to two years for intestinal damage to heal. This does not mean your mom will not improve before two years, but symptoms do not go away quickly. I have been gluten-free for two years. I no longer have constant pain in my right abdomen, mostly due to my involvement with pain management. I too did not want to live a life of medication, but the pain was hindering me in so many ways I felt it was the best option. I'm sure most people do not want to take medication. But diabetics need insulin and I need pain medication, it is that simple. Likewise, your mom might need to take something for a short time or her joining a support group might be enough. By introducing her to a local support group, your mom's spirits will improve; she will gain knowledge about the disease and helpful information about managing her life. Please, introduce your mom to this forum. At first, I was not sure that I COULD live with the diagnosis. Time helps but your mom needs support now. She is lucky to have you and the wonderful members available on this site. Please let her know that she is not alone. In the beginning, I would often visit this site in the middle of the night just to tell SOMEONE else who understands how miserable I felt that day. I always met the most amazing people and only received the warmest thoughts about my feelings. Today, I feel much better. However, I still love the support of this internet community. Good luck!! --
  8. Quick Question

    Someone once told me people who must eat gluten-free due to celiac qualify for a tax break on food items due to medical necessity. I never investigated, but maybe you should look into it. It's worth a shot. I know other countries give individuals with celiac disease different forms of assistance with food costs. Good luck!!
  9. I just wanted to share with you. I am 5' 9" and currently weigh 115 lbs. My good friends look out for me and often choose dining options based on the availability of gluten-free foods. I feel extremely lucky to have such a wonderfully understanding group of girlfriends. However, before I knew about celiac, I was almost fired from my job because they said, "I must be on drugs to be so skinny and so tired all the time." Other people, often clients- as I am a stylist, would rave and make jealous remarks about, "how nice it must be to be so skinny." Finally I got fed up and asked if they would tell a fat person the same thing about being so big? They often look perplexed and respond 'no' as if I have offended them. I then explain that I have not chosen to be skinny. Unfortunately, sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and extend your energies finding food rather than worrying about if someone else thinks you are anorexic. It does no good and they will think it anyway. We have enough anxiety already. I try to keep fresh fruit on hand at all times and eat dry rice noodles when my insides hurt so bad I can't think. I have also found a wonderful immune boosting power IgG 2000 that has helped to keep my insides happier. In addition, acidophillous pills for ulcerative colitis called VVL#3 have been a life saver. These two meds are expensive. Have you tried gluten-free food enzymes when you eat? They often help me speed up a bad case of accidental gluten ingestion. Hope this information is inspiring to you. --Monica Keep positive and remember time and careful eating will help you gain weight and control of your life.
  10. Awww. Your coworkers are so sweet. I was actually diagnosed with Celiac after one of my cients suggested it to me. People have a hard time relating to topics so very foreign to them. Even back before I was actually diagnosed, I would think about the 'crazy' stories of wheat making anyone sick. This information was so ridiculous. My point being, who cares what anyone will think of you? They do not have to answer to the pain and exhaustion that you do at the end of the day. My coworkers have finally stopped asking me if I want Chinese food or pizza. Now, they automatically order me a salad if it's in question, with vinegar and oil. Yes, this sucks. And as I witness their super yummy cheezy pizza, I think of the days or weeks of excrutiating pain associated with any of that. My friends started not calling during the tough times. Who cares? If these people can't understand that you don't wish to put your well-being in their hands, that is their problem, not yours!! Honesty goes a long way, my friend!! Just tell them "No thanks."
  11. Thank you so much for your support. I'm very excited to finally have found others who truely understand the constant difficulties and daily challenges of eating. I have a new lease on life and do feel very lucky to be alive. I admire those of you who have come through this with such an awesome attitude. I feel that I'll have a wonderful support group through all of you and hope to assist you guys as well. Thanks for the warm welcome!! --Monica
  12. Rachel-- I have started reading the message board today because I am feeling horrible. I couldn't sleep at all last night because I am in so much pain. The reason I am sharing this is because I was EXACTLY in your shoes about three months ago. I was becoming reactive to more and more things everyday, including corn. I just couldn't seem to get anywhere. Then someone suggested that I take the Lame Advertisement test. It has really changed everything for me. This is a food allergy test that helps to identify your trouble-makers so you can heal you insides faster. An allergist explained it to me by stating that if your body is in constant alarm from foods it's reacting with, new food allergies will most likely arise since you have no immune cells to help keep the good ones identified from the bad. Therefore, food molecules (proteins) that would normally pass without any problems then get marked as invaders by the white blood cells and causes the body to start attacking them. It's only been a couple of months and I finally am starting to feel better. The test gives you three categories for the foods tested: highly reactive, middle, and low. I had SO many foods on all my three lists that my doctor suggested I start by elimminating the red and orange (high and mid) lists first, as to not get overwhelmed. The test was expensive and not covered by insurance but is the best thing to date as far as helping ease the pain. Last night I too found one of my most highly reactive foods in my medicine, ginger of all things. SUCKS!! Anyway, I feel your pain (literally) and hope that this information will become of use to you. Regards-- Monica
  13. Have your friend tested for parasites by a lab that tests exculsively for them. I would put money on it that is a huge part of her problem. --Monica
  14. I just recently discovered my celiac problem. In addition to the celiac test, I had a brain chemical test done. My doctor explained that because my body was in such a horrible state of stress for so long trying to fight of the gluten that it actually changed some of the chemicals in my brain. I explained that I did not want to take any more antidepressants or anxiety medication. The brain chemical testing company, Neuroscience, has amino acid based supplements to help level out the chemicals that are out of whack. I have to say, even though I still experience abdominal pain from time to time, I don't feel such impending doom with each episode. My anxiety levels are much more tolerable. I hope this bit of information can help you!! ---Monica
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