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  1. Need Some Help

    Juliet thank you so much for the useful information! I' ll try everything possible. I just don' t understand what is this "starchy rice, like Arborio" (I know I' m being tiring, sorry) and how could I look for it here in Greece. Do you first boil it and then roll it up into balls? Thanks again!
  2. Need Some Help

    I don't know. Maybe he is allergic to sth... At 3 months had eczema all over his body. I was told to breastfeed at least till his first birthday because he may has some allergy to cow' s milk.... I'm still breastfeeding... I am sure that his has some allergy to one kind of nut. And recently eczema has returned (hands and tummy). sorry but what is spaghetti squash?
  3. Need Some Help

    Hi! Thanks for the answer! The problem is that he likes bread and spaghetti so much that it would be easier to have these foods free of gluten... I will try though! Can you imagine that the dietician/nutritionist in the hospital adviced us to avoid veggies and fruit because "they offer no calories and he will not gain weight that way"?
  4. Need Some Help

    Hi everyone. I have a 22 month old boy. Passed September he stayed for 3 days in the hospital due to respiratory hindrance and because it has very low weight the paediatricians there ordered blood tests for celiac disease (AGA IgA, IgG / EMA / t-TG IgA, IgG). The results came out negative apart from the AGA IgG which was 64 units. Can this mean that it has celiac disease? In the meantime round December my son begins to present a reduction in his weight. Until now he was gaining few grams each month. He was under the curves but at least he gained some weight. Today that is 22 months he is 8,8 kgs (almost 19.36 Lbs). The gastroenterologist asked repetition of the blood tests and also added some for allergies. These will take 1 month to come out. The child continues to lose weight and the doctors do not consult anything. Here in Greece special foods without gluten can someone order only from a drugstore and only with a recipe of a doctor which they don
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