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  1. Maybe a phone call from the FDA would get these people's attention. There's probably not a lot we can do about the "gluten-free" false advertising, since the US hasn't adopted a definition for "gluten-free" (yet), but any of the eight major allergens (including wheat, which they grossly misstate on a number of items) have to be accurately accounted for. The FDA has a list of contact numbers for complaints here.
  2. Beer could very well test at zero gluten, but that's not because it's anywhere near gluten-free! From everything I've read, it seems the ELISA test is designed for for omega-gliadin, which is a component of wheat gluten -- so it won't detect barley, rye, or oats. The way I figure it, if Budweiser were gluten-free, Anheuser-Busch would never spend the money to come up with a gluten-free beer; they'd just put "gluten-free" on the Bud label.
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