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  1. smri, yes, you have DQ2,5 from each of your parents. Not sure one of them has the normal DQ2,5 in cis since they did not find 0501 , but testing is not totally perfect but still it is DQ2,5
  2. hayley the 05 belongs to 0201 and is 2,5 the 03 belongs do 0301 and is 7.3 smri there are two 05 0201 which are two DQ2,5 Beckyhux, they tested for 02* in beta, and found it, looked for DQ8, negative, and looked for 05* in alpha, not found So it is either 0202 DQ2,2 which is...
  3. testing if it is possible to post DQ DQ DQ Freq Serotype cis-isoform Subtype A1 B1 %[1]rank DQ2 α5-β2 2.5 05:01♣02:01 13. 16 2nd α2-β2 2.2 02:01 02:02 11. 08 3rd α3-β2 2.3 03:02♠02:02 0. 08 DQ4 α3-β4 4.3 03:01 04:02 0. 03 03:02♠04:02 0. 11 α4-β4 4.4 04:01 04:...
  4. Here is the chart to decipher everything: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HLA-DQ
  5. it just means they tested with a test that does not discriminate between 2.2 and 2.5. Instead they look for the 05* in alpha. Here in this context it means he has either half a DQ2,5 (= the 2.1 beta ) or has 2.2, which is a celiac gene too, but with less risk for celiac.
  6. Beckyhux, the question on 0201 or 0202 just means they tested with a method that does not discriminate between them. Instead they test if 05* is present in the alpha chain.
  7. The biopsy for DH will mostlikely be negative if it is near the blisters; it should be taken far from the blisters, and they recommend behind the knees or inside the elbows. The reason is the rashes use up IgA and they must biopsy a spot with IgA still intact
  8. There are also some posting on DH forums who have i inside the mouth. Ouch.
  9. Hairline behind ears and in the back here. By the way, Hidradenitis suppurativa is gluten-related too. But there probably has been no reseach verifying this.
  10. I recommend getting the new and better deamidated gliadin tests, both the IgG and IgA versions.
  11. The blood tests have high cutoffs and that is intentional. The reason is to avoid getting a lot of patients sent for biopsies and half of them are negative. So some biopsy proven patients will have negative bloodwork for that reason, and some are simply negative. Which tests did you all have...
  12. Yikes. Wikipedia.org deleted microcrystalline cellulose: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microcrystalline_cellulose I think they should not have deleted it. It is listed lots of places on wikipedia, and yet they deleted it. Just type in the words and you get two pages of references. lots...
  13. I see the thread has been moved here, hopefully you get more answers here. Just one thing: You need to eat a lot of gluten for the ordinary celiac tests to be positive. I happened to be low-carb and therefore I have no official diagnosis. I should have been back on gluten much longer before...
  14. I remember there were at least two discussions about hidraeenitis not coming back after going gluten-free, but I could not find the discussion where also a doctor was discussed with the search function. The point was that the connection between hidradenitis and gluten is virtually unknown and only...
  15. Alvin, I am in europe and here we always advice people to try to get a proper diagnosis and NOT try going gluten-free first. (or you must go back on gluten, and a lot of gluten, for many weeks or months). I read an article about the genes, and DQ9 is also a celiac gene they say and it is common...