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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have the same thing, it is soooo annoying. I did a gluten challenge about 2 months ago and only lasted 3 weeks. My doc told me to stop cause I was getting too sick. But the itchy bum persisted. I kept on thinking it would get better, but it got worse. I started bleeding badly and it started hurting soooooooo bad! Turned out to be ulcerative proctitis. Temporary hopefully due to gluten and ......other allergies, casein namely. If it doesnt go away go to a doctor . It could also be hemorroids or an anal infection. My N.D gave me citricidal for a chronic bacterial infection, which could also cause anal itching. There are so many causes for that it is hard to know. I am taking proctosone and the bleeding had stopped but not the itching. And when it itches, man does it itch. Being in public is rather emabarrassing!!!! Hope it gets better and hope you find the cause. I also think that when we go totally gluten free that our immune system goes a little wacky sometimes and causes weird things to happen, just a theory.!!!! Hope you find your cause and God bless
  3. I would agree with you on the trust your instincts. My doc wont order the tests for my smaller boy cause she says they arent accurate. My baby is 16 ponds at 15 month and has been there too long, my 5 year old is 28 pounds, they both have diarreah abd constipation, black circles under eyes and have major ups and downs. My 5 year was pooping his pants 6 times a day. Its getting better for both, baby started to grow and the 5 year old is down to one poopy bum a day. My doc says that at that age their brain development is too much at risk to take chances, so she recommended gluten free(it is our choice WE are the parents!!!!) This all came out when I got really sick and had to find a doctor and my cousin that has celiac got me into her doctor asked me some questions looked at my height(Im really short) and told me to cut out gluten. You have to understand that I got so sick I couldnt function with three kids you cant wait that long. She ordered the blood tests voila!!! She didnt just treat me she looked at everyone in family . She is awsome!!! My oldest is autistic so I already did gluten free casein free, so this was actually easier for me to do it for the family. this saved my family . Im not sure why we have to wait so long and we are told to stay on gluten. I can tell you that it is unbearable and debilitating and wouldnt go back on it if someone paid me a million buck. If I need peace of mind over my kids I will do enterolabs noninvasive and quick and no gluten challenge!!
  4. I understand the losing yourself. I have been low carb for a long time to alleviate the symptoms, didnt realize it was the gluten though low carb is low gluten. My anxiety and depression gets really bad with gluten, but at the time I thought it was candida and atributed it to too many carbs. Now that I realize the problem, wow much better. Of course when you are pregnant you deffinatly cant go low carb! So svere symptoms come back. I thought it was the pregnancy, then breast feeding you cant go low carb and I breastfed for a year, not prgnant anymore hmmm. My new doctor figured it out right away. Attempted to do a gluten challenge, wow big disaster. Never again, the depression and anxiety got so bad !!! Then I took away all gluten wow!! By that time I was so scared of food ! THe other symptoms fatigue, muscle pain tummy probs in my opinion pale in comparison to the emotional. Isnt it amazing that taking away a couple of things in your diet can make such a difference?Life is good( I also reccomend doing an food intolerance test, its cost about 400 dollars fro 100 foods, Im in canada so I sent it out.Ususally your insurance company will reimburse. I known the pain for so long and figured out the reliefe. I will never injest gluten on purpose again!!!!
  5. I have been blessed cause I have an awsome doc. Kids brain development is crusial and waiting forever for diagnosis when clearly it is the prob is dumb. My doc also says that most of the time the test comes out negative regardless. My oldest jonah is autistic/ turettes /adhd and responded well to gluten/casein free. Middle has poopy problems and behaviour and is short stature ,he is responding well. my littlest boy, yes three boys, was 16 pound and 15 months and has started to grow. I also have celiac disease,interesting how it can affect kids in so many different ways!! i understand some people need that diagnoses and to rule out other problems and Im all for that,but we as moms are the best judge of things and know what is best. I didnt want to go spend lots of time waiting while my kids got sicker, I knew that was the prob. I am also from canada,ut if i really need that comfort of a diagnoses i will send it to enterolabs, less invasive and faster. My doc is all for that way of doing it,and pretty obvoisly that was the answer,however its not the answer for everyone sothe tests are obviously needed but there should be a better and faster way!!
  6. I too experience so many emotional troubles with gluten. I was a fairly bright talented kid and changed overnight. Of course my family hasnt liked me much since ,they think Im crazy. I developed an eating disorder got pregnant at 17......not to blame it all on gluten and allergies but my experience is that coping skills for already excisting problems are virtually not there when gluten is injested. Gastero intestinal issues came out 10 years ago, first as weight loss and d, then the opposite. I am also short at 5 feet and the rest of my family is tall. So many years of doctor hopping marriage issues and antideprssants later(which never worked) I found a doctor that listened. She took my history height and did blood work and diagnosed me celiac. Mainly on how much the diet improved me. My gastero appointment is not for another 6 months so she advised me to go gluten free anyways and forget about the biopsy, Im going anyways cause my grandma who was the only other short stature in my family died of lymphoma(interestingly enough she got sick on wheat)I can definatly tell the difference!!! It was so bad that I started to get seizure symptoms from vitamin deficiencies. I had already been low gluten and thought It was wheat that triggered the symptoms,now realize that it was gluten and casien. Has any of your family been understanding? Mine arent, I have to stay clear of most. I see that some of you are christians have you made your church your home? I have three sons,one of which is autistic and the other two my doctor is shure they have celiac, I will always try to support my kids, feeling alone is the wost part of this illness. My hubby tries his best!!! This forum is probably an excellent way to get support everyone is going through some of the same things!!EXCELLANT!!!
  7. Im new to this too and I have experienced the same thing. I felt really good for a couple of weeks and my thyroid meds were working better, then poof! I was experiencing sezure like symptoms cause of vitamin deficiency. they have gotten better but I am experiencing brain fog. It feels like I am partially brain dead? Does this go away? Ive been dealing with this for a while but seems to be getting worse. My symptoms are mainly neurological ,with fatigue, blistering rashes severe constipation and more. The severe symptoms are gone, but still not 100% Its hard to deal with especially with three boys, two of which my doc are sure have it, they are very short while my oldest is tall. My baby isnt even on the chart 16 pounds at 15 months. Wonderin if anyone experience the severe brain fog and when will it GO AWAY?
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