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  1. You call it venting I called it panic when we first found out about our granddaughter at age 1. I would caution you about putting him a gluten free diet right away. Her Dr. had to rush her in for her biopsy once she found out the diet was changed. Apparently the villi starts to repair itself as soon as it becomes gluten free. There fore you won't know for sure if he has it or not. SORRY that you have to keep poisoning him but ask the Dr. NO NO NO you do not have to go broke. What he likes to eat and what he has choices of now will definitely change but there are a ton of everyday regular grocery items that are gluten free. I have emailed many manufactures and requested a list of their items that are gluten free. I update my files each year and I received a reply from S&W today, Beans, Tomatoes, Fruit and vegetables are all gluten free. So what do I do, I stick with S&W. I don't know where you live but Trader Joes is a great place to shop. Trader Joes and Whole Foods have printed lists you can ask for at their customer service counter. I buy Arrow brownies and bake them for her to take home. That way my daughter freezes them in portions and when Abbey goes to a party she has her cake and can eat it too HAR HAR. Jennie O, Oscar Mayer, Hormel, Nestle, Con Agra ETC ETC have great websites. Get in to your pantry and look for contact info for the stuff you normally buy then get on their websites no need to change things you've been used to unless you need to. I cook probably all normal stuff and make sure I do not cross contaminate when I know she is coming over. I have separate cutting boards, measuring cups measuring spoons and a mixing bowl and colander ETC ETC. McCormick spices as long as their are not a mixture like 'Italian Seasoning" are gluten free they may have improved even their mixed ones by now. Mc Cormick Mixes, like chili or taco mix are gluten free. Your situation is far different than mine because I only have to focus on what I am cooking when she is coming over which is alot but not everyday. There are crackers that actually taste good and are gluten free. I buy the rice crackers. I make spaghetti with Ragu as my base and add Hamburger, italian sausage fresh basil and fresh garlic. Ragu is gluten free and we eat Brown rice pasta. We couldn't stomach the Corn pasta. The taste was horrible. Here's an example of what we had for Thanksgiving dinner Jennie O Turkey Mashed potatoes Gluten free Gravy (packet) and regular gravy. Green salad and all of the fresh fixins. Fresh green beans Fresh carrots Jello Stuffing ( a big no no) We tried the one last year made with Tostitos not as good and she could care less. Before dinner Fruit salsa over cream cheese and rice crackers shrimp and cocktail sauce Spinach dip and Sour dough Bread (a no no just the bread) Artichoke dip Tostitos, and salsa and guacamole Weinies and BBQ sauce The big no no's were the rolls, pies and stuffed mushrooms. I buy a bread for her at Trader Joes she loves, almond rice bread. her dessert was her brownies and little whip cream. There is light. I could go on and on but I won't. eating out will change DON'T TRUST NON gluten-free Restaurants. If they have a gluten-free menu there is security but don't trust that the chef will make your food separate in other places. Good Luck to you and your family
  2. Barbara, 2 1/2 years ago our granddaughter was dignosed with Celiac. She is now 3 1/2. Her mom is my daughter. My son in law and daughter were tested along with our other granddaughter now 6. I too was tested. My blood work was inconclusively negative. In laymans terms "not sure". I then had a biopsy. ALL CLEAR. But there is alot to be said about a gluten free diet just for the heck of it. We watch our granddaughters and Abbey is so active, alert and has the energy of 3 -3 year olds and her mood is just as precious as can be. I have learned a lot over the last couple of years just reading different periodicals. I also have a friend with twins. One recently diagnosed borderline autistic. It was recommended that he be put on a gluten free diet. His behavioral issues ceased. My mother at age 48 died of lymphoma in 1981 which is somewhat linked to celiac. That is also why we thought the gene probably was on my side of the family. I am still contemplating a gluten free diet for myself as I am now menopausal and have heart burn and digestive issues regularly. Although I am on a slight dose of estrogen because of a hysterectomy a couple of years ago, I still have the menopausal stuff to deal with. My suggestion to you......so you don't have to break the bank buying expensive food, is get on manufactures websites and ask for their gluten free list. I see on here that there are some who say they don't like the holidays because eating is very limited. It truly is not....DON'T GO DOWN THE PITY PARTY ROAD. For Thanksgiving we have an 85% gluten free meal WITH dessert. Most with just normal stuff to eat. Jennie O turkeys are gluten-free, mashed potatoes gluten-free, Some gravies gluten-free, Fresh Veggies, Fresh Fruit salad, Cranberries, Green Salad, Jello, Hor d ourves Tostitos and Salsa, shrimp and cocktail sauce, Rice crackers and fruit salsa over cream cheese, bbq sauce and mini weinies, artichoke dip, spinach dip, the only No No was the stuffed mushrooms. With careful prep and planning no on knows the difference. The first thing my daughter says to me when they arrive MOM WHAT CAN'T ABBEY HAVE? I too live on the west coast and quite frankly this is the best state to live in with your situation. I shop at Trader Joes, Berkeley Bowl, and Whole Foods. Whole Foods and Trader Joes have a list available of the products they sell that are gluten-free. Wild Oats is great too but I don't have any near me. The closest is Reno. I realize my situation is very different and I suppose if it were me and not just my granddaughter I'd probably have an attitude. Hang in there, the way you will start to feel supercedes any deprivation of food. Just the Namma
  3. I have to ask..............Cardiac kid and 2 celiac children and asthma? We found out in July of 2004 our 1 year old grandaughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Yes we have learned a lot over the past 2 years. My question for you is your child with "cardiac" What is that all about. Our other granddaughter and in the same family (6) also was dignosed at the same time with a heart condition and she now has a pacemaker. Did your Dr. tell you the cardiac issue and the celiac issue are related?
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