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  1. I LOVE the Staxx and rely upon them for munchies. Have had no problem with them. Best place to get them at best price is Walmart in the chip aisle, usally top shelf, only $1.00 as compared to $1.69 at other grocery stores. I find them at the regular Walmart....haven't been to a superWalmart that has all of the groceries. Also I have never had a problem at all with Fritos and I appear to be VERY sensitive. Just thought I'd mention them.
  2. Try Edy's brands. It's called something else west of the Mississippi.....Dreyer's I think. They have LOTS of flavours. I think they are upfront about all labeling of gluten but I call them up. They will send you a gluten-free list of their current flavours. I don't remember if they send coupons or not (alot of manufacturers do). They are very friendly and helpful. Last year during the American Idol hoopla, they had like 5 flavours to pick from for people to vote on and only one was supposed to make it as a permanent flavour. The "Take the Cake" flavour I didn't think made it but I recently saw it at a store. It's a yellow cake with sprinkles flavour and it is (or at least WAS) gluten-free. Funny I was never fond of cake and now that I can't have it........oh well......it's quite good. Also the Edy's brand here in Chicagoland goes on sale quite freqently BOGO (Buy one get one free). Hope this helps you out. I'm leaving the liberry now to go home and get some vanilla with chocolate syrup........ slurrrrrrp!.................Angel
  3. Hebrew National Hot Dogs ARE gluten free. They are all beef and as they are kosher, they don't have sugar and the other things (you know, rat's tails etc.....lol) that have been reported in other hot dogs. I called the manufacturer and their hot dogs are gluten-free. I'm sure they do have nitrates tho but they taste SO good! Angel
  4. Oops and sorry about my last post......"lame advertisement" popped in for amazon website and THEN I remembered something about not mentioning websites........sorry for the error!....................Angel
  5. "Celiac Disease: The Hidden Epidemic", by Peter H. R Green M.D. is excellent......unfortunately it's only available in hardcover. I don't remember that there were any recipes tho.......but it does offer an excellent overview (and then some) that's easily understood. I was going to suggest Jax Peters Lowell's "Gluten Free Bible" until I went to Lame Advertisement and see alot of unfavourable reviews about it having incorrect info....I never read it totally all the way thru so I guess I missed those. Anyhow, there's other books too on amazon so that'd be a good place to check out for other stuff. Hope this helps out. Have a good weekend y'all..................Angel
  6. Yup, Epstein Barr is thought to cause mono most of the time, however, previously for years they'd thought that Epstein Barr caused CFS (or CFIDS) but I have heard that they have changed that thinking now. Just an FYI and not to be scary, I was dx with CFS over 20 yrs ago and Fibromyalgia (formally) 8 yrs ago and even tho I'm of course completely compiant on the gluten free diet (and take no chances), my fatigue/exhaustion levels have not improved. I dearly hope that things are different for you. When I had the bad diarrhea I thought that it was the IBS of Fibro.....we Fibromites tend to think that everything is Fibro......and now I have to be careful not to think that everything is Celiac and carefully evaluate the situation....that make sense? When I was getting my dx for Celiac alot of people told me that my CFS and Fibro would get better but they haven't. I don't mean to be bummy......just to let you know so that you can be aware of everything....make sense? Hope this wasn't too bummy......I have come to terms with my CFS/Fibro and work around it the best I can with the best sense of humour that I can.
  7. TURTLES too!!!!!!! I called a few months ago and the woman, very sweetly, told me not only are they gluten-free but that they know we Celiacs need some goodies. Turtles way back used to be run by DeMets, most recently by Nestle but now apparently sold bk to DeMets. I love them and have had no problem with them. She also told me that they've rec complaints about the cashews in them (previously the only nuts were pecans) and are planning on changing bk to only pecans. Their toll free # listed on the package is the # I called which I don't have handy. I'm having trouble finding Turtles "out of season" (non holiday like Christmas) in the big box......found one at a super Walmart and small packages at Walgreen's but that's about it. Got to go.....hope this give you another yummy goodie!.........Angel
  8. Slllluuurrrrrrp! Those pancakes are GREAT! They are my new bestest favouritest food. Here comes the sugar wagon! I quit eating pancakes years ago when I found out I was hypoglycemic but I picked up TJ's frozen pancakes and they sat in my freezer and I finally tried them lately and now I'm out and going to get more before our snowstorm (Chicago) moves in full blast today. And I nuke them,not a toaster. Well, lots of sugar with the cakes and syrup but hey, they've got 5 (count them!) grams of protein per serving. Our TJ's in Batavia,Il didn't have the choc/walnut cookies last time I checked. They keep the gluten-free ginger cookies (which I love) on the shelf above the fridge and freezer sections, not in a special cooky section. I am enthused that TJ's seems to be picking up again on the gluten-free stuff, after putting all of their disclaimers on other stuff.....I'm not willing to chance eating items that are made on the same equip as wheat items. Okay, I'm done! Yall have a great day! Angel
  9. DO go to your library.....that's what I was going to say and then I saw it here. My local libraries (and interrlibrary loans) have lots........OR......you can go to a Borders or a Barnes and Noble and sit in there cafe and write down recipes out of books if the directions aren't too extensive. Just thought I'd throw that one out there too. I too moved this year......Sept 1st. Moved from a 3-br townhouse to a small 2-bed apt and will be unpacking books (I have LOTS! I think of them as my friends! ) probably for the next year...... and other things too. I am kicking myself for marking ALOT of Rubbermaid tubs merely "household goods!"...........grrrrrrrrrrrrr! I found my checks in the garage the first week that I moved in, brought them in the house and haven't seen them since and cannot find them.......I mean REALLY! It's not like I had alot of people around (like when the movers were there) and had to hide them! I just got 8 temp checks from my bank. Probably I'll have to end up ordering more and the minute I have, I'll find them, right? And I don't have to worry about gluten free cookbooks. Haven't gotten that far yet. Maybe in a few years? Meanwhile, I am happy nuking easy things and buying from manufacturerers who are very forthcoming. Okay, I'm done! You all have a good week and enjoy some warm weather!.........................Angel P.S. It's gonna be almost 50 here in the Chicago area tomorrow......get out the bikinis!
  10. The December Reader's Digest has an article all about "Gut" problems and has a quite accurate and thorough accounting of Celiac Disease.....I thought.....anybody see this yet? Have a Happy and Gluten Free Thanksgiving! Angel
  11. Jerome Groopman writes articles for The New Yorker Magazine. He posted an article approx 7 years ago regarding Fibromyalgia. Based on his lack of research and closedmindedness, in addition to his response to people who wrote regarding his article (did you get that? lol), I found him to be NOT very openminded thus I quickly looked thru his book and put it down. He had a very nasty attitude. I still read his articles in The New Yorker, but I don't put much merit in them. Just my opinion..........
  12. P.S. I know this isn't the right area and I don't know how to start a new thread and the liberry will be shutting down very shortly.......but did anybody see the new book, "Gluten Free Girl" that's finally out? I just picked it up today at Borders. Plan to start it tonight. Just wanted to let you know that it's out now. Enjoy!
  13. Hi All! I rec the TJ's flyer and hopped over there yest. Got the gluten-free ginger snaps and they are GREAT! I think they taste sorta like vanilla wafers with an edge at the end. I plan to stock up on these new goodies. Also tried the gluten-free granola. It was good too and I plan to get more. Wasn't aware that there was more than one kind......? Now I checked out those sour cream 'n onion rice crackers and their "disclosure" on the bag says that they are made on equip that processes wheat and I don't know what their policy is regarding cleaning their equip thus I am unwilling to try them at this point. I seem to be extra extra extra sensitive and it is not worth the trouble of a possible reaction....I have plenty of other goodies and crackers to eat. So run over to TJ's and enjoy their new goodies! I hope that maybe this is a trend for them to start offering more gluten free stuff instead of swinging the other way with their disclosures lately.......we'll see, eh?
  14. "The Gluten Free Bible" by Jax Peters was quite helpful in addition to the Hidden Epidemic. Most libraries seem to carry it too if you're unable to buy it for any reason. Good luck!
  15. I think the yeast is supposed to be gluten-free.......but I have found with the mess that my tummy has been in this last year after getting dx, that too much can bother my tummy.....esp if I haven't been taking my probiotics. That's something to think about, that yeast is hard on a tummy and maybe meanwhile someone else will pipe in and let us know if it's gluten-free for sure.
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