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  1. Try Edy's brands. It's called something else west of the Mississippi.....Dreyer's I think. They have LOTS of flavours. I think they are upfront about all labeling of gluten but I call them up. They will send you a gluten-free list of their current flavours. I don't remember if they send coupons...
  2. TURTLES too!!!!!!! I called a few months ago and the woman, very sweetly, told me not only are they gluten-free but that they know we Celiacs need some goodies. Turtles way back used to be run by DeMets, most recently by Nestle but now apparently sold bk to DeMets. I love them and have had no...
  3. Hi! I haven't been to fast food restaurant since My Last Hurrah (the 3 months I went off the gluten free diet in order to undergo testing including a biopsy. I don't DARE since I've been poisoned at a regular restaurant where I carefully explain how to prepare my food. I missed fries too so here...