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  1. Sorry! It's the Antigliadin Antibody Panel - His IgA was negative and the IgG was 40.7 the first time and over 100 when he was off gluten. The test the ped took was teh Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgA which was negative. Shawna
  2. Hello. I hope someone may have some insight for me. My son (6) was recently diagnosed by a ND with either Celiac or Gluten Intolerance. We had started testing because of behavioral problems at school. Anyhow, his IgG was at 40.7. We immediatley took him off all gluten. He complied and I know he has not been sneaking or getting any gluten. We just had his blood tested again and the levels are now over 100. The ND says the only way that could be is that he is still getting gluten. There is NO way he is getting gluten unless all of the gluten-free foods that I have bought have gluten in them ! Does anyone know why his levels could go up? TIA for your replies! BTW, my ped tested his blood with the TTG test and that was negative. So the ped says he does not have Celiac. Shawna
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