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  1. Thank you for the feedback. Here are the results of some of the tests she did for me: TTG Normal DQ2 was positive and the DQ8 was negative. She tested all other things such as Vitamins and other nutritional cvalues, and all came back normal. I would assume ANY gluten in my body, I would not be able to absorb any nutrients, and all where normal. All pregnancies have been normal and both my children are fine. Show no symptoms and have never had issues. I am, eating gluten. Not as much as say a bowl of Pasta, but various things that ingred we are not supposed to eat.
  2. Hello everyone, Here is a little history about myself and my Celiac Lifestyle. I am 31 diagnosed back in the 70's so have had it for 29 years. According to my mother, a biopsy was done, they said I had, no questions asked. I have "cheated" more so within the last 10-15 years of this, and have NO symptoms of any kind. I haven't packed down a Pizza, but have eaten Cake and other items I know contained wheat, rye, barley oats or flour in them. Nothing has ever happened as a result of eating these items. Nobody in my family has it, and no history of Mother/Father side who can recall ever having anything wrong with them. I had blood work done, retested and the Dr told me today my TTG was Normal. I had a DQ2 Positive and a DQ8 negative. She said I should still have an Endoscopy, which I have to wait for as I am 5 weeks away from having my third child. Husband is supportive as others around me. What do any of these things mean to anyone? The weeks wait for the blood work was torture, now ot wait another month and a half to have the Endoscopy will be brutal. I don't know at all what the Positive and negative results mean... Anyone?? Help please??? Thank you kbkbab
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