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  1. My dentist added a tooth desensitizer to my teeth. It last for about three weeks. He also said, make sure you choose paste over gel. Good luck
  2. Nature made are gluten free!
  3. Thanks, good to know! I guess I didn't check the site well enough!
  4. Dally099, I'm not sure, but I'm suspicious. Having endometrios, I've always had stomache pain, but it seems much better...well gone since gluten free. The only reason I went gluten free though was after my surgery I got this terrible rash on my face. Very loose stools, and abnormal stomache swelling. Well, long story short, 8 doctors couln't figure it out. I got the flu( couldn't eat a thing), and it cleared a little. I knew it had to be food. I tried wheat and gluten several times each time I get sick and a rash. I'v finally convinced my doctor, but can't get tested. 1 day on wheat I can't leave the house. What about you?
  5. This is the statment from Slim fast are they Gluten free, or are the ready made drinks different? I could't find gluten free on any of my cans. Maybe thier old. Are Slim-Fast Optima products gluten free? I have Celiac Sprue and want to use the powder shakes. As you are aware, having the condition Celiac disease prevents you from eating such grains as wheat, rye, barley and oats. We do not guarantee that any Slim-Fast product is gluten-free. All of our powder shakes clearly state that there may be traces of wheat in them. As for our other products, the ingredients we purchase could potentially be cross-contaminated with wheat or another common dry ingredient you are sensitive to also. A small amount of gluten is potentially present in Slim-Fast from the fibre source. And, ingredients change often, based upon availability. For these reasons, we cannot say that Slim-Fast Optima is gluten-free.
  6. Exercise is essential for your heart. I'm 5'7 and 118 lbs. I run, bike, and weight train 5 times a week. Make sure your getting enough protein and carbs. I eat about 2,500 calories daily. I'm happy with my weight and size, and know that I'm healthy. I use Nature made vitamins thier gluten free.
  7. I have severe endometriosis. It's been zapped five times. My first doc thought I should have a hysterectomy at the age of 17. He said, I couldn't have children.Went to a new doc. Well ,one miscarriage, and two pregnancies later we have three healthy children (one adopted.) One warning....Each time the doc went through my belly button. It weakend the stomache wall (not sure proper terms). I had a severe umbilical hernia that had to be repaired. Ever since problems with Wheat and Gluten. Who would of thought!!!!!!!!
  8. Redbridge beer is gluten free (see side bar). Luksvowia vodka is made 100% potato, no grains
  9. Momma Goose, Do you think that is so important?..."".You may have not been TOTALY gluten free for the month before testing. It is very complicated and it involves your shampoos" I mean shampoo, does it matter? It's hard to find a shampoo that is wheat free, if you have dry hair. I'm not sure?
  10. My inner eat was itchy for months, a little achy too! I went to the doc, and he said, it was to swollen to tell, so antibiotics ofcourse. I lost my hearing, so he did a biopsy, and it was YEAST! gross...he gave me an antifungal drop. Now it doesn't itch.
  11. I thought I had bacteria over growth before I went gluten free. I had this terrible rash, and felt sick shortly after a surgery. Everytime I got the "flu" my rash cleared up. I thought it was all the yeast in the bread I was eating. So, I gave up bread and took yeast cleanse. After that didn't work I convinced my doctor to give me antifungal, and I was on a yeast free diet for months. That didn't work either until I went gluten-free. From my research if you have a real bacteria overgrowth you need an antifungal. A stool sample is controversial because everyone has bacteria, and there noway to know what your bacteria level was before you were sick. There are many books on killing bacteria...yeast cleanse, acidophlus, garlic, yogurt...ect However, those writers still suggested an antifugal, and are dangerous to take.
  12. I use Corn Flake Crumbs oven style breading by Sothern Homestyle. 1-800-288-1012, 2.69 for 12 oz, and gluten free. Also, doesn't get soggy.
  13. Land O Lakes Butter light with Canola Oil. 5 grams of Fat. Tastes good, and not as much chemicals as margarine.
  14. I watched the View, and saw that there was a gene test to find out if you carry a gene that could cause celiac. How accurate is that test? If you are negative does that mean that you can't get celiac? I can't go back on gluten it gives me a severe rash on my face. Iv'e tried 9 times . My derm has finally given up after a year of treatment, and said, stay away from gluten. I have tried 7 months of antibiotics, steriods, and 5 months of Accutane. He said, he has no idea why I get this rash. He doesn't think it's DM. He would like to send me to the Mayo clinic. I'm not convinced that it's not DM, but maybe just an intolerance. Either way this forum has been great. I would like to know for sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I called Dannon, and they said, only their plain yogurt was gluten free. I stick with Yoplait!
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