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  1. thank God for this thread, exactly why I came on here tonight... feeling better already!
  2. hi guys, lets say youre roasting vegetables in an oven. and lets say same oven was used a week ago to cook pastry or something... is there a risk of my roast veg picking up gluten from the previous week's cooking? hope you can see where im coming from... also, do people find that exercise helps flush out whatever gunk is in there? i run every second day and find my skin has improved vastly, glowing almost!
  3. I used to wonder about the possibility of coeliac disease being related to autism and/or Asperger's, and then when I learned about bipolar disorder I came up with a triangle which linked all 3. amateur mumbo-jumbo but maybe someone will find it interesting... from what I gather Asperger's and bipolar have been found to be comorbid, and it seems coeliac disease and bipolar could also be linked. so is it reasonable to say then that coeliac disease could be linked to autism and/or Asperger's by way of this triangle? just a thought
  4. momma goose. it increases natural serotonin, good for depression etc... im just wondering if its gluten-free
  5. hi, recently started taking solgar 5-htp. now, the label says the capsules are wheat-free, which may indicate gluten-free, but im not 100% sure... whilst googling i found something giving a list of solgar's products containing gluten, hence everything else is gluten-free (5-htp wasnt on the gluten-containing list). however the post dated back to '05 so im wondering if anyone could tell me if solgar 5-htp is still indeed gluten-free thank you very much and God Bless ;-) BB77
  6. i went back on the wagon after christmas so not really sure what happened... yes ive been diagnosed. ive had a gluten-free xmas the last 3 years previous to '06, and i guess i just cracked. have i undone 3 years of healing? pardon my ignorance but surely one little lapse wont kill me?
  7. youll think im crazy but i fell off the wagon over the christmas, ate whatever i liked. the funny thing is i had no reaction. the most obvious thing usually for me was the feeling sick and the diarrhoea but there's been none of this. i tried to think of why and im thinking maybe its the 5-htp im taking... stress used to be a big problem for me which has disappeared taking this stuff, and i know stress can be related to GI unrest etc. i am not a quack, i just thought id give my twopence worth and see if there's anyone with a similar story. thanks
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