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  1. I had my endoscopy yesterday. I was so scared and it was a piece of cake! I am a very nervous and anxious person and was quite suprised how easy it was. I wasted a lot of time and energy being nervous. The instructions said I would be mildly sedated, so I thought I would be awake for some of it. But, no, I was out. When I woke up I was suprised that they did anything. Anyways, I thought during the procedure they would be able to tell me something immediatley. My report/discharge says "normal in appearance, biopsy for inflammation and mfetti (sp?) do..." I can't read some of it and I don't remember what the Dr. said because I was so loopy when I was talking to her. It says I should call for test results in 7 days. I thought they would be able to tell if the celia were flat or not during the procdure. Does this mean they looked fine? I do remember the Dr. saying something about looking under a microscope. This means they took some to look under a microscope right? Any information will be helpful. I just thought I would know more already. Thanks.
  2. I have an un-educated question - Is the celiac disease blood panel different than a standard blood panel. I know Iv'e had two blood test recently that checked a whole battery of levels, like white blood count, but, I'm not sure about celiac... I will call my Dr. on Monday if need be. Thanks for your quick response. Also, the endoscopy will be able to test for celiac by seeing the duodenum?
  3. Hi Everyone! I hope you all can give me some more insight. Here's my recent strory... Around Thanksgiving I ended up at the Dr. because I woke up one day with the feeling that something was stuck in my throat and at the top of my stomach. I was put on reflux medicine and tested for gallblader and Pylori (sp??). Both came back negative. After Christmas I was sent for an upper GI which showed MILD reflux. I practically laughed at my doctor, because to me this was not mild. He switched my medicine to Zantac and referred me to a GI specialist. The Zantac helped to the point I took myself off of it last week. The feeling has not come back, but, I have had some mild indigestion with sauce and such. OK, well I went to the GI yesterday. She asked a lot of questions. I did tell her I self-diagonsed myself with IBS a few years ago because I have recurrent episodes of constipation, gas, and diaherra. I also have periods of normalcy. I was also told her I was at the Hospital this past Monday with pain in my side. They thought it could have been my appendix or ovarian cysts. Both negative. They said maybe it was gas. I was very embarresed. Anyway, the GI asked if I've ever been tested for Cyliac and I said no. She wants to run an endoscopy on me to rule out an ulcer, pylori, and maybe cyliac. Anyway, I came home and called my Mom and talked to her about it. She called me an hour later, she had just opened her new magazine and there was an article about cyliac disease. She read me the sysmtoms which lead me here. I seem to have a lot of the symtoms, including headaches. But, I do have times when I'm fine. Anyway, have any thoughts??? I'm not sure if any of the blood tests I've had have checked for cyliac. Also, I was going to cancel my endoscopy because I am tired and embarrassed of testing for nothing. But, after reading all about this, I'm not so sure. Thanks.
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