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  1. I have been having bad acid belly and acid refux for about 4yrs now. So 4 yrs ago, I went to the Doctor who put me on that little purple pill. It helped a lot. But was very expensive when it first came out, so I later changed. I tried almost all the over counter stuff and was living on it daily (after every meal). I have in the last 2 years put on around 60 lbs. (no explanation why). I am 47 yrs old suffering from mild osteoporosis. Have no energy, my feet hurt, I look as if I am 8 months pregnant (No matter what excersises I do), suffer from yeast and bacterial infections all the time and have had what I thought was adult acne caused by stress or growing older (as a teenager I had beautiful skin no acne). At the doctor last week my blood pressure that was always so low has skyrocketed. The Dr suggested taken me off all gluten and extra sugars. I told him I had all ready been watching my gluten intake and noticed a drastic difference in how I feel when I cut them out. But He seemed to be more worried about diabetis. Do these symptoms sound familure to you all? I feel they are more in line with Celiac disorders then diabetis. I will go back to the doctor but was wondering if you all could suggest a test I should request on top of his diabetis screen.
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