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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. You don't want to be drinking coffee while recovering on the gluten-free diet or if you have inflammation... if ever. Coffee is a strong gut irritant and will slow your progress significantly. Google the words "coffee gut irritant" and you'll find heaps of proof.
  3. I am sorry to hear you are suffering Mandy but you've made the choice to do the gluten challenge and you're almost there. So hang in. It sounds like the candida have you hooked big time. I hope you can get rid of it soon as I suspect that could be your primary problem. Candida overgrowth leading to leaky gut can cause food allergies and food intolerances http://www.gilbertssyndrome.com/candida.php I am very interested about your puffy face symptoms. I've lost so much weight since going gluten-free but somehow that "fat" look I had in my face before gluten-free, is still there. Im puzzled but it.
  4. Candida overgrowth causes all sorts of allergies and food intolerances http://www.gilbertssyndrome.com/candida.php so I wouldn't be surprized that your body is reacting strange. Just do your best to get rid of it but I would rather do it the natural way via anti-candida diet etc. I'd steer clear of anti-candida meds if I were you. They don't deal with the underlying problem, they just ease the symptoms. http://www.candidasupport.org/candida.html Regards Flowergirl
  5. Yes NoGluGirl. I actually found an ariticle that states that food intolerances & allergies are CAUSED by Candida's leaky gut. http://www.gilbertssyndrome.com/candida.php So if Candida overgrowth is on top of the food chain causing these symptoms shouldn't we rather be focussing our attention on getting rid of Candida, instead of trying to cope with Celiacs' symptoms? Makes you think doesn't it. I wish I had all the answers. Regards Sunflower PS: I also experience depression but I am having a mind shift here... I think the candida overgrowth is causing it.
  6. There is an interesting theory that I've been playing around with in my head about gluten intolerance. I am starting to think that we have the order of events and the origin of all these problems wrong. A prolonged bad lifestyle of stress, the pill, anti-biotics, junk food, lack of proper food, agricultural practises, chlorine in our water etc causes dysbiosis in the gut, then candida overgrowth occurs, then leaky gut because the fungus sinks its tendrils and finally systemic candida. Throught this process we are then presented with symptoms like food allergies, food intolerances (gluten intolerance), depression, neurological symptoms, hormone imbalance, liver failure, diabetes etc... because our gut lining and immune system is compromised. It looks like the bigger picture to me... I think getting candida firmly under control may be the first step to recovery. Consider it. See this: http://www.candidasupport.org/candida.html Regards Flowergirl
  7. Well done on getting your iron up. You can be very proud of your progress.
  8. I hope you really want to get rid of candida the natural way. I read an interesting article today. See here: http://www.candidasupport.org/candida.html Using pharmacuticle anti-candida meds eases the symptoms but doesn't get rid of the problem. I'd do a strict anti-candida diet for at least 3 weeks if I were you. First starve the candida off its food source and after the diet introduce things like probiotics, flaxseed oil, cold pressed coconut oil, some Pau darco, garlic, and some dandelion root to help the liver. It works for me. I've just started with day one on the anti-candida diet... again. I did get rid of it months ago but we had a very stressful time the last month due to circumstances out of our control and because of a prolonged weakened immune system... I've got overgrowth again. But I am not stressed about it. I still remember the good results I had from doing the above. Best to you.
  9. I am so sorry to hear about your son. Little children should not be suffering like that. I'd put him on a 3 week anti-candida diet on top of the gluten-free one if I were you. And after that introduce probiotics and lacto fermented veggies. Slowly reintroduce sugars and starches but keep them very limited. Also see that he gets flaxseed oil and coconut oil after the anti-candida diet. I hope he gets better soon.
  10. I just wanted to post this extra info from Dom's kefir site. I hope he doesn't mind. It explains perfectly why some have difficulty with probiotics: http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefir-faq.html
  11. Yes, I agree. Get your iron levels checked. It also sounds like your metabolism is too slow. I have the same problems you describe. Try taking extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil and flaxseed oil regularly. I was surprized how the metabolism picks up and the cold feeling fades away. Try it, you'll be surprized.
  12. I sincerely hope that you can find a way to bring the message accross to the parents and I hope they will investigate this further. Nobody needs to suffer like that.
  13. I did the anti-candida diet before going gluten-free and lost a lot of unwanted weight but I did have a problem getting enough carbs in. If I had do it again I would add probiotic kefir slowly. I am sure I'd get good results. Don't give up on the diet yet. Go slowly and be patient. It takes time. Also eat lots of papaya. It'll help the gut heal quicker and it is gentle and nutricious. That was the advice my homeopath gave me and it worked quite well.
  14. I had the same problem as Ravenwoodglass. I had trouble expressing myself and forget what I wanted to say mid sentense. Social events were a nightmare and making decent conversation hard. People often perceived me as rude, cold or dumb. In my heart I know I am intelligent and I have heaps of inteligible things to say, but getting whats in my head into words and expressing them is difficult for me. I am ill at ease around people especially when they expect me to talk or push me for a response. I become anxious and frustrated at being unable to express myself properly. Since going gluten-free I am more relaxed, in control of my body and able to cope around people but I still prefer to keep quiet and say the minimum. My self image and confidence was greatly affected by this. Flowergirl
  15. I can relate to the dizzy and tired feeling after meals especially when I've had a regular sized - big meal. I manage it by eating small portions and more regular and by following a food combining chart (no starch and proteins together). I still get that tired feeling after meals though I am gluten-free but removing processed food from my diet improved the situation.
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