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  1. Hello all, this is my first post although I've been lurking for the last month or so. I just had to post in response to slackermommy and Jo.R's mesages. I am also newly diagnosed (happened a week before Christmas). I also felt this enormous grief and utter frustration at finding anything to eat. I even had dreams of donuts for 2 weeks straight, which is odd because I usually only eat them once every 2 years. I just wanted to say to Jo.R.......the weight thing will get better as you heal. I have a weird thing going on where my arms, legs and buttocks are bone thin....so thin there is nothing but bone on there but my belly was swollen out so much I looked 8 months pregnant (even had people congradulate me on it lol) and my face was swollen really bad. No one thought I was underweight and my weight registered as about 15 pounds overweight. But as I quit eating gluten my belly started going down and I've lost almost 6 inches around it so far, my face also went back to normal and I can see my chin now I am now actually extremely underweight, which isn't good but it feels great to not look pregnant! This is actually giving me more "strength" in following the diet, as I used to get so depressed at the way I looked, clothes didn't fit, I had no shape, I felt horrible and did nothing but wear shapeless, baggy clothes with elastic waistlines. The 3 times I've made mistakes in my diet and was glutened my belly started to swell out again and stayed that way for almost a week straight. I'm hoping that when things get normalized I will start to gain some muscle in the appropriate places. I think that as your body adjusts to the gluten free diet your metabalism will start processing nutrients in the correct manner and you just might find things getting better. Slackermommy ( I hope I'm getting these names right, I apologize if I'm not) I feel the same as you but I have found things slowly getting better. I found that if I could locate a couple of treats that I used to look forward to things weren't so depressing. For instance, I found that some Starbucks fraps are gluten free ( someone correct me if I'm wrong about that!) and I schedule to have one every couple of days, just for that feeling of normalcy. I also found Baskin Robbins ice cream (not every flavor) is gluten free and I bought a pint and eat a few bites every day. Of course, these aren't nutritious foods but it certainly helped me to find something to look forward to instead of just eating vegetables, rice and tortillas. I have no idea how to cook and find myself standing in the fresh vegetable aisle at Whole Foods feeling utterly frustrated at what to do with them, knowing there must be ways to make a fantastic meal that tastes good but not knowing where to start. Also, Ener G foods has some great bread called Seattle brown loaf and some GREAT crackers that taste just like the real thing! Here's the link: http://www.ener-g.com/store/detail.aspx?sn...id=70&cat=6 I hope you start to feel better soon
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