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    30 year old mother of two. One with suspected DH, along with lactose and chocolate intolerance.<br /><br />I have spent hundreds of dollars at pharmacies and naturopaths and have finally found a naturopath who has helped! <br /><br />German homeopathics, diet and kitchen made cream! Blisters haven't been back for a while, hope they're gone for good! <br /><br />What a huge couple of years, I am so glad we've discovered the culpret now, so he doesn't have huge health issues down the track...
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    Queensland, Australia
  1. I've been in tears plenty. The looks on 'professionals' faces (pharamcy personnel, gp's, dermatologists) when I tell them "yep, tried it, yep, tried that too" and I mention the wheat in sorbolenes and the fact that it's in so much, well, lets just say I feel as though I'm the idiot!! How would I know! Funny, isn't it. There aren't too many people who know much about this disease and it's tragic the response from supposedly helpful people. If you can find yourself natural products that have a detailed ingredient listing, you'll get yourself sorted. I found a naturopath who makes up creams and an Australian based company who lists all ingredients in their natural body care range and it's fantastic. No rashes! Keep searching...there are helpful people out there! I'm in Australia, so I don't think it would suit you, recommending someone I know!
  2. I am new to this site and wish I'd found it a couple of years ago! My son suffers suspected DH. When tests were run, he was on a gluten free diet by then and the blotchy rashes and blistery rashes appeared when he had diverted (he's only two and a half, but he's learning being sneaky can result in pain!). Does anyone out there have any other suggestions as to what other allergies could be linked?
  3. Paula, my 2 and a half year old has suffered tummy pain also. I wish I'd had access to this website and these insights 2 years ago so I could have had specific tests carried out to determine the exact problems, instead of eliminating and fluffing about like I have done. I know if feels like child abuse, knowing your son is in pain and you're not eliminating the cause, but for what it's worth, some of the information I've read supports the suggestion to keep him going on minimal gluten intake and do all the tests to cover everything. That way, you'll definately know all the information and can make all changes where necessary. You are a good mum for getting this sorted.
  4. Ladies, does this book provide information on Dermatitus Herpetiformus? If so, I will endeavour to track it down as I'm in Australia.
  5. My son is 2 and when we did the blood tests, we weren't told to put him on a gluten filled diet, so it came back negative. However, symptoms of sore tummy, runny poos, rashes and blisters and irritable behaviour tells me what I need to know. Tummy ache 24 hours after eating, rash 24 hours after that...it's a hard game to play, I reckon...
  6. My gorgeous son has experienced rashes in his short two and a half years, that I haven't had in my 30 years! Two different types of blister rashes, blotchy rashes, red itchy and irritable patches of skin...he's had it all! I really don't want to bla bla if you're not interested, but if you're experiencing this with your child or self, feel free to respond and I can pass on what my efforts have turned up. From an emotional rollercoaster ride to chilled out, the whole family is good with what some of us have...
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