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  1. Yes, I am a wahoo fan, and went to UVA. I was initially tested almost 10 years ago (Dr. Peter Green was my father's doctor and advised us to do it at the time), but it came back negative. Plus, I didn't have any symptoms then. I made an appointment with my PCP, and will get the blood tests next week. Does anyone have further information about the gene test? Thanks, all, for your thoughts and advice!
  2. Yes, I have seen what it can do and it isn't pretty, which is why I am concerned.
  3. Hi. I am new here. My father was diagnosed with celiac in his early 70s after years of digestive issues. He ended up getting cancer in his intestines and is unfortunately no longer with us. Right after he was diagnosed, all of us children got tested, and the blood tests came back negative. However, lately I have been having terrible gas, bloating and diarrhea. It all started during the holidays, when of course I was eating lots of cookies, etc. I am wondering if I should get the blood tests done again to be sure. Is this the kind of thing that skips a generation, or do the children of celiacs have a high likelihood of developing symptoms? What about my children? Every time one of them has tummy trouble I watch them like a hawk to see how long it lasts, etc. What are the typical symptoms in children? Thanks in advance.
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