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  1. Ok cool. It is nice to know all this. My doctor only told me stay off bread and pasta, but i come to find out theres alot more to that.

    I appreciate all the information given to me and will make sure to keep that in mind.

    Thanks a million


    PS: If feels very nice to know that im not alone, and that theres people willing to give out a hand.

  2. whats up everyone,

    My name is Danny from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. just got DX with celiac approx. 2 months ago. After my DX, i started shopping at a place called Whole Foods, which is nothing but organic foods and some gluten free items. As far as i know, i've been strict with my diet but it seems like i still have minor symptoms. i know i should be asking my doctor but sometimes is better asking someone with the same issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, is there anyone that knows of any celiac groups/ meetings in south florida that i could attend to???