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  1. Thanks for that lonewolf. Did you also get your son tested?
  2. Lone wolf When did you child dtart eye roling?? My son is 8 and started 3 weeks ago.
  3. Hi Ursa Thanks for that. Yes we know that we are probably looking at Touretts, nad we have found very usefull and helpfull info on many sites. We are trying to to dismiss all possibilities, to see what is triggering this. Thanks for taking the time to respond. John
  4. Hi there Has anyone heard of eye rolling as a symtom of Celiac. My 8 year old son has started rolling his eyes into his head for the past few weeks. He doesnt know he is doing it. We are trying to rule out all possibilities so any help would be greatly appreciated. Celiac is in the family. Thanks for reading
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