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  1. found something that works for me - organic coffee - my stomach feels fine even after drinking a lot of it
  2. Well, congrats to you, too What are the chances that would happened? I mean, the connection. The symptoms are so ... here and there, if you know what I mean. This is so wonderful. It feels like leaving the prison ( not that I ever been there ) Feels very free and healthy
  3. I am rather shaking at this point The whole thing has not sunk to my jiggling braind yet. I did not do any testing to confirm that I am gluten sensitive but what just happened in such a short period of time... I am positive that I have it. I really would like to know the damage, though, that happened to my poor guts but hopefully staying off of gluten will heal them sometime.
  4. me again, now when I am thinking - my grandfather died of stomach cancer, his daugher (my aunt) cannot not have children and had severe digestion problems and had some of her intestines sergically removed, etc... Did i just avoided some bad health problems down the road and I mean BAD??
  5. You, guys.... Here is the thing. All my life I had a little here, a little there. I always knew there was something wrong with me , but I could not pinpoint the problem. I was always bloated, swollen in the mornings, cold hands and feet, no energy, cramps (severe), always pale, my hair fall out always (irritaiting, or rather depressing )etc, etc. Lately I started having this numb feeling in my legs and no sex drive ( I am not 30 yet!!) What a nice picture. Needless to say, I would never in a right mind to go to a doctor. Just don't trust them. Period. I had my fair share of them. A week ago I started my salad diet which always made me feel better. So here I am eating my salads and started feeling much better and than after a few days I ate a salad with bread and felt like throwing up. Strange. And than it heat me - could I be possible bread-wheat sensitive? Isn't bread have that thing called gluten? What is gluten, anyway? May be I just making things up? Just out of curiousity I went to the book store and I opened a book on gluten and OH MY GOD!!! I had almost every single symptom!!!! I ran to the health store and likely it had a gluten free section (lucky me) - I stayed on gluten free diet for a week and ALL of my symptoms are GONE. This feels so good but also weird becasue I had all these symptoms all my life and eventually they became a part of my personality, and when they are gone, what do you do I have never had my belly so small in my entire life. I have never woken up in the morning not swollen. My hair now like to stay on my head Sex drive is coming back?? looks like, or rather feels like it This all happend just a week ago and I just had to share it with somebody. Normally I am a calm person but being so changed in a good way just makes me type type type Well, just wanted to share the good news with people who understand this whole gluten thing, because others just don't get it.
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