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  1. This site has so much information and I'm discovering new sources of gluten contamination all the time. It's tricky to get used to this new lifestyle, but I'm learning.

    Medications can definitely be a source of gluten contamination, especially those prenatal vitamins. A previous post mentioned Wild Oats, they are an awesome place to buy the vitamins!

    Wild Oats also sells a frozen bread dough named 'Chebe' that is made from tapioca flour and it's crusty on the outside and super chewy on the inside after baking. I serve it with the pasta made by Tinkyada and a nice gluten free marinara sauce once a week.

    I had a lot of disappointing pasta dinners since December when I began gluten free living and I had almost given up on eating pasta again. Most of the gluten free stuff was smelly and slimy and a total turn off. The Tinkyada pasta tastes just like wheat flour pasta and the bread is quick and very close to the real wheat thing. Eating it cuts down on the depression episodes from not being able to enjoy the things I love anymore.

    The most helpful thing I've learned from the informative and very helpful people here is: Remember to check every label and when in doubt, avoid it!

    I hope she feels better soon and just keep reading and researching for fun and safe things to eat!

  2. I had a lot of pain in my lower legs for a very long time until recently. I had read that it may be because of celiac, so now I eat a half of a banana a day and am taking Super Nutrition's "Simply One" for women, which is vegetarian and contains no yeast, wheat, gluten, buckwheat, sugar, pollen, dairy, corn or soy residues or any hidden additives.

    I had pain a few days when I forgot to eat my banana and take my vitamin, so I just stick with it and have no pain, even when doing long jog/walk sessions of 6 miles. Earlier in November, I was getting pains in my calves, shins and ankles when exercising and they are now gone. I had thought it was shin splints, but it wasn't!

  3. To be honest, sodas aren't good for you and should just be avoided. Of course telling that to an avid soda drinker is like telling a heavy smoker to quit. They get defensive! :P

    I used to be a soda junkie. I also used to weigh 310 pounds. I dropped soda and the weight started to drop too. My skin is healthier and I don't look my age and I feel better now that I am avoiding all that sugar and getting better hydration. I drink my water and I eat as healthy as I can while avoiding gluten, corn, eggs and nightshades. I miss rootbeer sometimes or a nice big soda at the movies, but I found that sticking to water is the better and healthier choice!