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  1. Thanks so much for your reply. Everytime my son has a soft bowel movement I am going crazy trying to think what food may have caused it, but knowing that it happens to others without being glutened is helpful.
  2. Hi, I am new to this sight. I am worried sick about my 4-year-old. He started having soft stools over summer and had diarrhea for all of October and November (6-8 times a day). He has been on a gluten free diet since December 10th and is now having just one or 2 bowel movements a day, but they still do not look normal (light tan, soft, sometime floating). All his blood tests have come out negative, but my pediatrician has not given us the ok to see a specialist yet since he is now only going once a day. She wants to wait a few months and see how he progresses on this diet and then put him back on wheat. I'm so frustrated. He has not lost weight. He was 38 pounds in the summer and is now 43 pounds. He was 42 inches in Sept and is now 43 inches, so he's still growing. But I can't help worrying that he may still be vitamin deficient, and that we should be seeing a celiac specialist despite the negative results. When we did the blood tests he had only been back on wheat for 3 days, after being off of it for a week. Any suggestions? I have also noticed some extra bruising on his legs and bloodshot eyes, don't know if that is related. I am also always scared that there is hidden gluten in foods I am giving him. Are potato chips and disney gummy vitamins gluten free? I'm a wreck
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