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    basketball, volleyball, art, gluten-free food, fun. :P
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    Utah! ya BYU!!! lol

  1. Hello!!!

    Anyhow, I think you should inject your friends with sumthing that temporarily makes them celiac, then have them in that situation, then they'll come around, I'm sure :ph34r:

    Seriously though, I think your friends a push off. My friends always help me tons, when I go anywhere, they won't LET me cheat, and they always make sure I can eat something. Yeah, If that's the type of person they really are, drop em. kindly of course. Or just avoid eating around your friends, if thats the only time they're like that... something I highly doubt. actually, Wait a bit. Some of my friends were like that at first(not to that extent though) but now... yah. I told you, huh. :rolleyes: It'll work

    PS- It doesn't matter if they call you rude. I'm dead serious. If that's the kind of person they are, they won't stick with you as friends. If not, it still doesn't matter.

    PS I'm sorry. I hope it works out :unsure:

  2. Its hard. But nyou can not expect your friends tosuffer through no gluten, because you don't like th scene. Though I normally have noproblem... i have a confession. :unsure: In french class we were eating realrealrealereal french food, which issensational, and i cheated. bad me, i know.

  3. ya, my mom for like the first two years was always doing things like that, but luckily my dad is celiac so theres always food to eat that gluten-free, so After a while my mom gave up. just tick to it, be strong!!! she'll probably stop after a bit. but don't go hungry. :blink:

  4. like hwnever? like my hobbies???? well, i like to spend lots of time outside doing sports or working on capoeira(luvssit i do!) and on the tramp and hiking and rock climbing and friends of course, and with my friends i go bowling, hiking, climbing, etc, go to places like lagoon(amusement parks, but places like that and seven peaks which is a water park only happen like once a year) and i like to swim, and play sports, draw, paint, act(at least, attempt), sing, dance, talk to people, and that about sums up my average day!!! :lol:

  5. meaning? like how do we eat out? I don't date, but I do eat out with friends and go places. As for eating, you can tell ur friends where it works for you and if you aren't doinbg anything with food, you could go bowlng or to the movies: theres tons ofd stuff w/o food. well i hope that helpes.

  6. i don't deal cuz if its wityh that yet but... a few things you could do is just either a)contact restaraunt, cuz if its a nice enough restaurant that its worth going there on a date, tyhey most positively will have something that you can eat or they'll try and get something for you cuz they don't wanna lose thier reputation , lol, and if you don't care about niceness, go to wendys!!!!!!! yay wendys!, lol. or gowatch a movie or something. i dunno.

  7. so, hey drewskie, tell us about yourself, i.e. how old are you and such? My name is Lizzie, Im 14, live in Utah, been celiac(at leat diagnosed) for about 2 years, thionk it sucks(lol, and yes even tgough iv definitely been on this stupid thing for more than 3-4 months i miss my gluten like only noone knows.... besides you guys