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    basketball, volleyball, art, gluten-free food, fun. :P
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    Utah! ya BYU!!! lol

  1. B) hey guys it me again, well, ya you r definetely have countless parties, meetings, rehearsals etc., where you won't be able to eaaaat a thing! however, one possible solution is bring food of your own; i mean, im sure that no one else will mind if you bring more snacks, and you might not like anything else anyway. another thing u can do is talk to the hosters, explain that ur celiac, and say you'd appreciate it if they had some gluten-free food or let you help supply the food.

  2. not all of this is candy but.......

    symphony bars, snickers, sweet tarts, most fruit snacks, rice crackers, yogos(yuck, i think) nerds, doritos, except nachos, lays, ruffles, tostidos, cheetos, fruity pebbles, some cocoa puffs and trix, kellogs cocoa crisps, fritos, and more, if she has an email, ill try to send her more... right now im out of ideas though.

    ps, my email is sweetangeliz@gmail.com


    pss, and im 14 if that helps.

  3. OMG! i love to draw and sing 2! I also dance and love to shop! i live in Nebraska and have been eating gluten free since january 2007! How long have you been celiac? How did you find out you were celiac? I am really short and so they finally tested me for celiac! I have already grown 2 inches and gained 3 pounds! what r ur fav glutenfree foods? do you play any sports? How old r u! I am 12 almost thirteen! ttyl!

    If ur talking to me, then iv been gluten-free for 2-3 years, (love to shop and dance too, even if it makes me sound like a ditz), most of my fgamilies celiac(don't ask me how they found out there, because about that im clueless), and yes, i luv sports, mostly basketball and volleyball and copoeira, tho i just started i luv it, and im 14. :)

  4. Def. not a girls scout but do go to lots of camps!! I usually tell leaders in charge and eat mostlly fruits and stuuf and they usually try to cook gluten-free or have gluten-free food for me!! so nice of them. i luv my camps!! i have girls camp and youth conference if anybody besides kassie knows what that is

  5. Heck, if my friends judjed me by my my hair, guys(tho im not 16 yet so that don't matter for me!) , and bands, diet, and stuff,I'd be left to the dumps!! Forget that. I'd probably leave them in the dumps . not literally. id just not be much of their friend, and get some new friends. I mean, its not like some good friends don't judje u on that stuuf, but if they like to be around you because ur fun, likeablr, amusing and stuff, A) you feel better, feel like ur a better person and B) people, once they see that they can hang out with you even with different styles and stuff, tend to act better towards all people. heck, im like friends with just about everyone at my school!!! well, my old school that is cuz i changed schools this year and don't no everyone. As for eating tho, you can still eat!!!!! i mean, come on, there's what four things ya can't? you can eat chips, tons of micro wave stuff thats norm, candy, u can even usually eat half the stuff at wendys! well, there's my two cents. more like 20. oh well. CU!

  6. ya, i guess i should tell you all, since im asking, lol.:P

    I like to hike to, and camp and all that fun stuff... and I like basketball, volleyball, swimming, OCCASIONALY reading, only if its a good book :P and I sing, draw, love to act and stuff, and do stuff with friends. I don't watch TV, but On weekend nigts I like to see movies with my friends. I love to cook, dance too. umm, what else?? I have to wait 10 months before I drive :(

    That sumsd most of it up I think.. I also like to design stuff and ya...and i love summer. i love to go to mutual, if anybody here knows what that is, and i love french. I also like lazertagging :P, bowling and stuff. and i love most music, but not some rap, and some country i cant stand lol and I like to ride my bike, and play Kings court(card game) and lots of other stuff.

    well, c ya!~liz

  7. After almost 29 years on a gluten-free diet is simply part of my life, though I would not have chosen to have celiac. I'm a mom of a teenager, I work full time, I travel for pleasure when I can and I travel for work about 10 weeks a year. I am happy to be healthy enough to do all these things.

    The one thing that still irritates me is pushy people who won't accept "No thank you" when I refuse their offering of gluten goodies and keep insisting I eat them. :angry:

    Ha ha, thats funny :P ya, thats probably the worst... especially when people start saying you have wierd mental food disoroders behind ur back... :angry: :angry: that makes me angry... gbut they usually believe you eventually... I think...

    What do you eat and stuff when you travel??? that must be fuuussterating.. :blink:

    yaaa... <_<

  8. Ya, that makes sense.... but I think that after a while your taste buds "dull" because I remember that when I wasn't cel. I had this glutenfree store bought bread and it tasted HORRIBLE but now its not so bad... I dunno. Maybe I'm JUst special.. :P