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    basketball, volleyball, art, gluten-free food, fun. :P
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    Utah! ya BYU!!! lol

  1. Is there ANYONE besides myself and maby three other people that are under than 20? When I was like 12(this was like 2-3 years ago), I found out I was Celiac, not officially diagnosed, but I knew I was anyway, my brother, who IS a celiac, was telling all of his friends that I was only pretending to be Celiac for attention, When in my opinion was the worst part of being Celiac, and some of his friends had younger siblings who were my friends, so eventually one of my friends came up to me and asked me if it was true, I was really ticked off then but now I'm Happy that she asked me becuz I wuld much rather have that then her always wondering if i was an attention freak. I was diagnosed Just a little bit later. But, ya, life's just fine and DANDY!!! :rolleyes:

  2. What I DESPIZE is when all of my friends wonderr why I don't eat luch at school, and when I explain to them that I can't eat school lunches because I'm Celiac they always want to know everything about everything and all. The friends I have who live near me tho, they help ALOT, and especially my best friend, she's always there vmaking gluten free cookies and we joke about how bad they are, but its all just fun and games. Friends like that really help, like my best friend and another friend of mine they try to undertand it and always makesure there is something for me to eat... its great ;) SMILE!!!!!!!!!

  3. There are sooooo many foods you CAN have, like recess, butterfinger, chocolate bars, airheads, most dorritos except nacho cheese(Cool ranch, Salsa Verde, and Black pepper jack are all ok) Except for soy sauce problems, oriental food is great and DELISH!!!! Lots of mexican style food is ok, ice cream is almost always fine, wendys is great to eat at if your celiac... Ya! And often, if you tell your school that your Celiac, they prepare stuff like steak for you. My cousin(who's celiac) went to the MTC and everyday he was served before everybody else with a special gluten free meal.

  4. I'm 14 almost 15 with celiac, and i say its just as bad socially as not cuz whenever you wanna go out to eat its way hard but i've learned that at wendys, you can get any burger with no bun, just ask them to wear clean gloves and also the chili, frosties, mostof the salads, and lots of otyher stuff is ok. The only real big problem with oriental food is soy sauce, terryaki is no good. Is there ANYONE on this site from UTah? besides me?

    ~LIZZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this site~

  5. Most candy but not kitkats, twizzlers, twix's and cruch bars. or things like crunch MnMs, crunch resees.

    McDonalds has nothing, I repeat NOTHING other than fruit, drinks and Icecream But at Wendy's the chili is fine, and the potato and you can get 'carb counters' which don't have buns but if ur celiac you have to ask them to change gloves. egg drop soup, at harmons they have gluten-free cinamon rolls and brownies, icecream is usually ok, corn bread, completely pure buckwheat bread(strange, eh?) Costco fries, enchildas, taquitos, tamalys. Lots of oriental food is good. 'Salsa Verde' doritos.

    Modified food starch usually is not OK unless it says corn, and I don't think any campbells is OK...

    rice crackers are good.

  6. I'm 14 and found out when i was like 11... do you guys think it would be harder to of had gluten all your life and have to give up or resist the curiosity FOREVER! I think I have it pretty easy... I know what it tastes like but still am young enough to "release' the habit i guess.

  7. I'm putting in my 2 cents, hope it snot too late. This is important. If you are Celiac, sometimes when you go back to eating gluten you only get noticeable symptoms for a while, but it still is bad for you. Another thing, neither of your parents need to be celiac for you to be celiac. You don't even need the Celiac gene in your family to be celiac.

    The gene for

    * thyroid disease

    * systemic lupus erythematosus

    * type 1 diabetes

    * liver disease

    * collagen vascular disease

    * rheumatoid arthritis

    * Sj

  8. :huh: Yah, I think it depends on the situation. like, if someone offers youy a cookie then I would also just say no thakns but If they keep on pushing you to have it, then I would say I can't because I'm Celiac, which means I don't tolerate wheat rye barley and oats.

    K, when I ate gluten I lost tons of wight, and i have always been skinny for my age, and when I stopped eating gluten I didn't gain the weight back, so people think I'm anorexic or something because I don't eat luch at school cuz it all has weat in it, instead I eat a big breakfast and a big luch after school, so when people always tell me I need to eat at luch, I tell them why I don't

  9. My story is that my uncle, cousin, Dad, and two brothers are Celiac so when I got symptoms I knew it as probably Celiac and to be sure I had a screening. All the doctors said it wasn't Celiac disease-they are stupid ninnys. My 15 yr. old brother, tho, he's stupid and aets gluten and suffers because he loves it to much. wierdo. BTW, I'm almost 15 and I'm from Utah.

    :rolleyes: Lizzie