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  1. Another single mom here! Here are some staples at our house. Dora Cereal, Coco Pebbles or Fruty Pebbles Puffins cereal. peanut butter with Arrowroot cookies, cheetos, fritos, plain Doritos, Hormel pepperoni, Dinty Moore Beef Stew. When the Sunday paper has lots of coupons, I buy 5 newspapers. Then I view grocery stores online and use their system to print out only the items I want. Don't forget to look at ach online store for more coupons you print at home. Usually most of the items I need are also on sale. When I find a great deal I buy A LOT! I only do this when I have time and stock up on stuff that doesn't go bad. Walgreen is great for free stuff through rebates. Contact your local health food store. There is one in the Phx area that is a co-op. I bought a 25 lb bag of rice flour for $25. I shared it with another family who is also gluten-free. I make my own mixes for cookies, muffins and bread. You put all the ingredients in a plastic zip bag and MIX inside the bag VERY WELL. Buy an appliance or two from the local thrift store. I just got a perfect condition breadmaker for $2. Use the rapid rise setting for gluten-free bread. Also, baked goods are so much better if you use almond meal. It's really expenside in the health food isle, but if you have Trader Joe's, it's less than $4/lb. It really ads a lot of fiber and protein. I also like my rice cooker. I go to an asian market as well and buy Tamaki rice. It has the germ but not the bran. It tastes GREAT! My rice cooker has the tray that sits on top that you put your veggies in. Hope this helps! Cory and Nate
  2. My son has that only after consuming oatmeal. Cory
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