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  1. Thank you for all of your responses. We are changing the house to a gluten-free home so that she has a "safe"place, and so that cooking isn't as crazy as it currently seems. I am also going to have everyone else tested. The allergists did an Igg and an Iga. Igg was elevated and Iga normal. No other tests at thip point. Tamara
  2. I am new to the site and have read through many ove the posts. There is so much that needs to change that I am overwhelmed. Is the a "Celiac for Dummies"? A year ago my DD was told that she tested negative for Celiac and positive for a sensitivity to wheat and milk. Fo some reason I decided to have her re-tested ta couple of weeks ago. The results came back negative for wheat, milk + other allergies, but positive for Celiac. With just a sensitivity I was never particularly diligent or ultra-conscerned about cross-contamination. Now, if Celiac is confirmed, I guess that I will have to be. Questions: 1) After a Iga and Igg blood test, and a referral to a pediatric GI, what can I anticipate? We can't be seen until the end of March, so answers are nowhere near enough. 2) Is the intestinal villus test the "gold standard" for diagnosing Celiac, or are the blood tests enough of an answer that I shouldn't have to put her through the intestinal test? 3) Where can I find a definitve list of the foods to avoid, and assistance for label reading? 4) I have 3 other children. Do I de-gluten the whole house? 5) How difficult is it to re-train your palate to heavier grains? 6) Do you make your own flour mixes for baking use? Store-bought mixes are so expensive. 7) How important is it to have breads or grains in her/our diet? 8) Can the "fluffiness" of American baked products/breads be duplicated in any way? 9) I never thought of PlayDoh until I read another post. Are there any other "hidden" glutens that I should be aware of? 10) Right now dinner consists of chicken and rice or tacos/taco salad. My kids are not very adventuresome and anything that doesn't look "right" to them they won't eat. I can't define "right" it is their whim. Someone always seems to refuse to eat dinner. Suggestions? 11) I understand that it is genetic, and I am assume that it is a recessive gene. Should I consider having my other children tested? Thank you. Tamara
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