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  1. LOL.. Enviro kids is all my daughter will eat. the chocolate one.A!! trix here at this time is gluten-free... and now supposedly one of the chex cereals is gluten-free and marked on the label... have a great weekend!
  2. Yes, and a great many kids would be happier too.. lol..
  3. Hey Wombat.. there are no kellogs gluten-free cererals in the us either. so no worries .. cheers lynn
  4. Dear Peggy.. Hi I am not in your neck of the woods, but i might be... If I do i will also be in Queensland, Probably near Brissy.. or possibly in Brissy.. My daughter is the "silly" as we call oursleves or our kids on another site i use also. In fact to give u a laugh 1 of the top Dr's in NY...
  5. That is a good idea about Costco. But you have to be careful. Some medications you can not eat yougart with them, because it can bind them and they will not work.. I learned that from my trusted pharmacist.. The also give out those things with the side affects- which i no longer read unless i dont...
  6. my daughter is the one with Celiac. But I have an extremely sensitive stomach. I took it with a glass of milk and had no problem feel better gl lynn
  7. CELIAC DISEASE FUNDRAISER August 27th 2007 11:30 A.M. till 11:30 P.M. Come join us: Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill ...
  8. HI, I called about the TRIX cereal for my daughter, at this time they say it is gluten free. I just wish I could find more, other than ones labeled gluten-free from Whole foods. She doesn't like many of them.