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  1. HEATHER! MY DEAR!! Listen to me....I just went through this EXACT thing. The funniest part was that I knew something wasn't right and that I had to see a doctor - but I was too tired to make the phone call! It took me 6 months to even remember to make the appointment! HA! I swear that if I did not work for my father, I would have been FIRED. This darn near ruined my life - and I had a feeling that most people thought I was just lazy or over doing my social life! Little did they know - I HAD no life! Anyway, I went to a Lung Specialist that my Primary MD sent me to - I was puzzled by that at first but now I get that they specialize in sleep disorders. I did a sleep study (overnight) and then another study the next day: They woke me up at 6am and then made me take a 20 min nap every 2 hours until 4pm. I was then diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia. I now take Provigil every day and I have gotten my life back! It's a 100% turn around! I am BACK!!! Good luck and stay in the fight! You are NOT supposed to be this tired and don't let anyone convince you otherwise! Contact me any time if you want to talk... Capshert@yahoo.com Catherine Gluten Free since Feb 04!
  2. Hello Forum! This my first post. I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue in February of 2004. I went to a nutritionist who basically told me what I couldn't eat. I basically taught myself how to eat. I have been feeling better however I have one symptom that I cannot shake - AND it seems the be getting worse. I am extremely fatigued. I actually believe I have developed narcolepsy! I fall asleep instantly anywhere, anytime. I am actually afraid to drive more that a couple of miles at a time because of it. Another thing is that I cannot stay asleep at night at all. However, I could sleep all day if given the chance. Does anyone else experience this? I am confused, my memory is shot and I have little mini panic attacks throughout the day. I used to be a social butterfly - never able to sit still and waste a moment! Now, (even when I was in Jamaica over Christmas!) I'd rather sleep or just sit around. As a result, my workout regimen has suffered and I've put on a little extra weight. I've always been a healthy eater so it really is just from exhaustion and being completely sedentary. I just feel like - well - crap! I would like to go back to my doctor (who is my general practitioner) and ask for more help on this but what do you think I should ask for? Tests I mean? Thanks so much in advance!
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