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  1. On Dieticians---- I somewhat disagree with your take. The first dietician I saw tried to sell me Mary Kay cosmetics and she was attached to the hospital. The doctor I now see is the third doctor I consulted. He, along with his staff, helped me learn the ins and outs of Celiac. I think a doctor should be aware of these issues in order to send you to the RIGHT dietician, if not having one attached or consulting through his own practice. Of course I do deal with a specialist and I think under the circumstances, a specialist is required. And speaking of hospitals--I spent several days in one while my mother was being treated for Lung Cancer---guess what. The hospital could not feed me a full meal--near everything had wheat / gluten in it. To get more than fresh fruit--I had to eat out or go to a grocery store. That was just in May 2007. Hope I never wind up in a hospital.
  2. In response to your question- "what do you want these future docs to know about Celiac Disease (any aspect)?" I would have to say Do not ignore the other issues that go along with Celiac. It is NOT just a matter of giving up all things wheat / barley/ rye. The labeling issues on food stuff is daunting in the areas of confusing terminology. Next is the issue of how it affects so many people differently from one to the next. Then cover the area of other intolerances like egg, lactose intolerance etc etc that can come on the heels of a permeated gut. So many things and so little time in Med school. Good luck to you in your pursuit of your med degree. Check out http://www.allergy-link.com/ Dr. Baptist is way ahead of many of his peers in treating Celiac, ADHD, Autism etc etc etc.
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