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  1. I'm going to start by listing my symptoms, I have had NO tests or anything. I have been gluten free for almost a week and already feel much better. Some of these symptoms I do not currently have, but have had in last few years or since childhood. I am 28 years old. hypothyroid anemia fatigue joint pain, sometimes extreme in ankles, wrists, hips mouth sores infrequent bm's extreme gas extreme muscle weakness since birth of my son 10 months ago depression other psych disorders I won't list:-) abdominal cramping, sometimes severe-doubling over 2 miscarriages panic attacks chest pain heartburn sometimes at night my arm/hand goes numb, but it's not from sleeping on it sometimes my toes go numb during the day So, some things are getting better already. Problem is, I didn't know you weren't supposed to stop eating gluten b4 your tests and I DO NOT WANT TO GET BACK ON and watch all this stuff get bad again. I've only been off for almost a week. Don't you think the culmination of these symptoms warrants a celiac test? If I get blood tested tomorrow, would that be close enough to my gluten eating to not have to start eating it again. I don't have money to do any mail order tests, medicaid would have to pay for it. thanks, sarah
  2. I'd like some thoughts on this (my first post). I took myself and my children off of gluten on Thursday and I feel wonderful. Initially I looked into it because my daughter is 4 and has some symptoms and someone clued me in on gluten. She is often tired, red around her eyes, doesn't poop daily, yet eats a ton of fiber (she used to LIVE on whole wheat pasta), she has had a bad rash on her upper butt cheeks since last February that wouldn't go away with 2 different scripts. I really didn't want to take her in for blood tests (a bit too intrusive to me right now) so I'm going the elimination diet technique. I decided to do it with her so she didn't feel like she was getting screwed in family meals and such. My son is almost exlusively breastfed, so he doesn't get a choice. I had been very frustrated with the fact that I was only pooping every 2-3 days. This has been going on for months (I've NEVER been a frequent pooper, but has never been this bad. Since day 2 of gluten free I have been going 2-3 times a day (which is what my doctor told me a healthy functioning intestinal track would make you do) AND my son, who only pooped 1 time a day (sometimes very dry) also started pooping 2-3 times a day and with good quality. ok..enough about the poop. I also can't believe how clearly my mind is working...My head feels lighter. So WTH? Is it really possible that we all have gluten sensitivity? How do I convince the grandparents to take gluten sensitivity seriously if I don't get daughter blood tested, but she shows great improvements? Should I just tell them she was tested and came back positive? (and by the way, the rest of us are allergic too? yeah, that'll go over well....) sarah
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