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  1. This is my first attempt to post..hope it works Hello, I was reading your symptoms and they caught my attention! I was diagnosed 3 years ago and noticed some great changes after eliminating gluten. I noticed a difference after several weeks. One of my main symptoms was brain fog..it was so bad at work. I felt like I needed to carry a notepad around with me constantly because I would be so confused on the directions my boss would give me by the time I got back to my desk. Your post mentioned burning tongue and numbness of hands. I had the nerve conduction tests, but I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands.The doctors thought it could be neuropathy. I also have a rare metabolic disease which is Acute Intermittent Porphyria which also causes severe abdomen & back pain (complicated 3 mos in hospital years ago before being diagnosed). I'm supposed to be on a high protein/high carb diet. I was eating about 5 pieces of whole wheat bread a day which was causing havoc with the Celiac. Approximately 10 years ago I started having numbness around my mouth and numbness/burning tongue..none of the doctors other than the neurologist had an answer. He says the numbness is from the Porphyria. Who knows I think doctors are guessing when there is no clear cut explanation. My stomach is hurting so bad today and I usually don't have many stomach problems..have no idea what is going on...feels like the symptoms I had before having my appendix removed many years ago. I'm very strict on my diet! I also suffer from tinnitis and ache all over which is probably some type of arthritis etc. I was a true tomboy with many broken bones, etc. growing up. I hope you start feeling better soon and get some answers to your questions. Keep us posted on what you learn. Take care. This is the greatest website!
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