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  1. Hi - I'm going to be in Downtown Baltimore next week. I'm looking for reastaurant recommendations in Downtown near the Inner Harbor. Seafood restaurants especially - I would love gluten-free crabcakes!
  2. Ingles has a RD on staff who is very responsive and can likely answer your question. I've never not gotten a reply from her. http://www.ingles-markets.com/ask_leah/
  3. I just saw this the other day too. We only do fresh tofu every once in a while so I haven't tried it. Except for the flavored tofu Wildwood products are gluten-free: http://www.wildwoodfoods.com/products/meat-alternatives/burgers-crumbles...
  4. I am taking a cruise on Holland America in a few months and am curious how your recent experiences have been? I've read quite a few reviews on here and other sites but many of them are older so I'm curious if anyone has gone in the last...
  5. I guess that was my concern. It just seemed so invasive given the fact her blood work was positive.
  6. It does stink. It took a while to learn not to trust a lot of processed foods. You might want to call Tyson and tell them about it. Some companies will batch test the product to see the gluten content and share it with you if you ask...
  7. Positive bloodwork is a diagnosis of celiac. I'm not sure false positives can happen - however false negatives are very common. It is odd to me that a GI (or more than 1 in this case) would think they need to scope a toddler unless she...
  8. LOL I don't blame you. If it's important to get a formal diagnosis for your kids then yes you need to put them back on gluten and see a Dr. as soon as you can (the longer you keep them gluten-free the harder it will be to get a proper diagnosis...
  9. Richard is correct but I've seen both wheat and barley in stocks very recently - the barley didn't surprise me becuase I've noticed that for years in Trader Joe's brands but I have never seen a stock with wheat gluten it until last week...
  10. No need to feel like a crazy lady Everyone feels that way initially. It's a huge process of trial and error so don't get discouraged. It can take several months sometimes to really see a difference and think about this way - just ask...
  11. Welcome! I think you just described most people's experiences with doctors - even the adults You should definitely find a good celiac (and food allergy) Doctor in your area. It certainly won't hurt to have them checked out and it is...
  12. Check out the Atlanta Gluten Free Dining Club (I think that's the name) on meetup.com - they have monthly events and lots of information on where to find local products, restaurants, doctors, and gluten free events. There is also the Metro...
  13. MaryJones2

    And Now My Thryroid Is Off?!?

    I have to respectfully disagree with GFinDC on the OTC cow thyroid supplements. (And I know that you mentioned you don't have Hashimoto's and I'm focused on Hashi's in my post here). Nicole, I'm not trying to confuse you or complicate...
  14. MaryJones2

    Coconut Milk Problems?

    You might be sensitive to coconut or you might have a problem digesting it because it's high in fat - not sure. I tend to have problems with coconut milks and stuff with a lot of additives in general but I don't think it's gluten related...
  15. MaryJones2

    And Now My Thryroid Is Off?!?

    Your symptoms are very similar to mine and I was diagnosed with both within a few months so it was hard to tell which symptoms were caused by which disease. You'll find that Thyroid problems are very common in celiacs and most people improve...