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  1. Hi - I'm going to be in Downtown Baltimore next week. I'm looking for reastaurant recommendations in Downtown near...
  2. Ingles has a RD on staff who is very responsive and can likely answer your question. I've never not gotten a reply from...
  3. I just saw this the other day too. We only do fresh tofu every once in a while so I haven't tried it. Except for the...
  4. I am taking a cruise on Holland America in a few months and am curious how your recent experiences have been? I've read...
  5. MaryJones2

    Need Advice About My Kids

    I guess that was my concern. It just seemed so invasive given the fact her blood work was positive.
  6. It does stink. It took a while to learn not to trust a lot of processed foods. You might want to call Tyson and tell...
  7. MaryJones2

    Need Advice About My Kids

    Positive bloodwork is a diagnosis of celiac. I'm not sure false positives can happen - however false negatives are...
  8. MaryJones2

    Need Advice About My Kids

    LOL I don't blame you. If it's important to get a formal diagnosis for your kids then yes you need to put them back...
  9. Richard is correct but I've seen both wheat and barley in stocks very recently - the barley didn't surprise me becuase...
  10. MaryJones2

    Need Advice About My Kids

    No need to feel like a crazy lady Everyone feels that way initially. It's a huge process of trial and error so don...
  11. MaryJones2

    Need Advice About My Kids

    Welcome! I think you just described most people's experiences with doctors - even the adults You should definitely...
  12. MaryJones2

    In Need Of Some Pals!

    Check out the Atlanta Gluten Free Dining Club (I think that's the name) on meetup.com - they have monthly events and...
  13. MaryJones2

    And Now My Thryroid Is Off?!?

    I have to respectfully disagree with GFinDC on the OTC cow thyroid supplements. (And I know that you mentioned you don...
  14. MaryJones2

    Coconut Milk Problems?

    You might be sensitive to coconut or you might have a problem digesting it because it's high in fat - not sure. I tend...
  15. MaryJones2

    And Now My Thryroid Is Off?!?

    Your symptoms are very similar to mine and I was diagnosed with both within a few months so it was hard to tell which...