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  1. Since Rice Krispies and Rice Krispie treats are not gluten free I would say that it probaby is the culprit. Seems like she does well when not glutened.
  2. I am in Bridgewater, Mass and know the opposite to be true here. McDonald's has a dedicated fryer and BK does not. Wendy's fries are gluten-free but the local restaurants here do not use a dedicated fryer. I think the bottom line is that there is not consistency from place to place and that it is important to inquire each time to be sure.
  3. Well, funny thing-- my son and husband are both celiacs. Celiac comes from my husband's side of the family. There are a few others including his grandfather that have celiac disease. They are all 100% Italian. There is nothing else mixed in there.
  4. I don't know what state you are in. We are in Mass. My son was diagnosed a few months ago and when I had my team meeting with the school I was told that no matter what I would be able to attend all field trips even if there was a lottery involved to go. I didn't even ask that question, they just told me. I don't know if this is some kind of law or just good practice on behalf of the school. I would check with the Americans with Disabilities act or the Dept of Ed. I also think you can have a 504 plan set up with that included and they have to comply. Good Luck!!! I would want to go as well. I so understand where you are coming from!! Laura
  5. Hi-- Just wanted to add my story about blood tests etc. My son is 8yrs old now and was officially diagnosed on Halloween via biopsies which his GI from Children's Hosp in Boston said was the only definitive test. I need to back up a little and say that he was treated by the same GI from 3 to 5 yrs old for other issues which may or may not have been Celiac related. ( He was in a body cast which caused all sorts of problems plus he has renal issues which can be related to bowel issues) Anyway, before he was discharged originally by the GI he did have a Celiac blood panel ordered and it came back completely negative. (My husband has celiac disease). Fastforward 3 years and my son was soooooo underweight and had the big distended belly and dark circles under his eyes. I brought him to the ped and she said he hadn't gained 1 ounce in over a year but had grown 2 inches so he was actually losing weight and ordered the panel again and sent us right back to the GI. His numbers were very high on several aspects of the test. Even the GI said he was neg 3 yrs ago and this seemed to upset him. He ordered the biopsies which were not that big a deal and my son did not mind at all and these came back pos and he has pretty extensive damage to his gut. I guess the reason I tell you this is because tests can be very inconclusive and definitely not 100% accurate. He is gluten free and is doing very well. He doesn't miss the old food because he feels so much better and doesn't look yellow any more. Laura C
  6. I just wanted to add that there is a recipe for potato chip chicken. I can't put my fingers on my recipe but if you do a search for potato chip chicken it will come up. My whole family loves it and only one son and husband have celiac. My son loves to take deli meats and cheese roll ups to school. This might be an option for a snack on the road. Also, if you need to stop for fast food on the road and he likes salads, McDonalds uses Newman's Own dressings which are gluten free. Best of Luck!!!
  7. Thanks for the info!! I assumed in a chain restaurant everything would be the same. I will be sure to ask when we go to different ones. This is all such a learning experience no matter how long you've been dealing with it!!!!
  8. Hi, I'm new on this forum. My husband and son both have Celiac Disease and so far the only luck we have had for restaurants was Outback. We live in Mass so thanks for the posts on these two restaurants. I can't wait to take them. We don't live particularly close to either place but it would be nice for a special occasion. Thanks, Laura
  9. Well, *something* upset my stomach everytime I got the Ceaser dressing, EVERYTIME!! I think it was the anchovies. I was fine with Rach, Honey Mustard, you name it, just not Ceaser. Anyway, I just don't eat it now. Outback has a pretty extensive gluten free menu. They tell me that their only salad dressing that contains gluten is the honey mustard.
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