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  1. I used to make some great make ahead breakfasts for Christmas morning before I had to eat gluten free. This will be my third Christmas, and I have yet to find something good.

    Something to start the night before and then pop in the oven in the morning, but not quiche. I used to do citrus cream cheese pull apart rolls, or a french toast casserole..I was thinking along those lines, something sweet, and fun for children.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have. I am stumped.

  2. I will be doing a more in depth description on my blog when I get the time..but just in case someone needs the information I thought I would throw this out there.

    My husband surprised me with a trip to this lovely place. And it was wonderful and we did not have a kitchen, so all meals had to be eaten out. And it worked.

    He got some information from the celiac society up there; they sent him a list of restaurants that had been good to their members. That was helpful.

    We went to some restaurants on our own and the waitresses/waiters were very quick to grasp the issue and made me feel safe with all the communication. Also, the chefs would not serve something if they weren't sure. I never would have believed how easy they made it.

    One place I can definitely recommend is Lapin Saute. It is in the old section, the one below. They actually had a gluten free menu.

    I had a lovely and safe time. If you are going, I hope you do too!

    (Oh, and I avoided french fries and home fries even if they were "safe"..I think that's just a good way, you never know.)

  3. I was going to post the exact same question...I mean..almost identical.

    I am 7 months gluten free, initially lost weight, and now I am gaining. I don't think I am eating more, actually I think I eat less now than I did before. I was not a skinny person before, just normal.

    I was also wondering if now I am absorbing more, and even though I am doing more physically now than I have in the past 4 years....

    I make all our own food, from scratch...I think I might just have to exercise more.

    (like running after 2 small children isn't enough exercise!!! :lol: )

  4. I read that article, or one of them when I was first researching gluten and celiac.

    The man who tried it; if in fact was the same story, was 85 years old, and had a naturopathic doctor daughter. They had to definately do some long process to ferment the bread, and he found out how much he could eat without symptoms. But, I think she mentioned that they could not be sure how he did on a cellular level.

    Fascinating, and maybe when scientists start researching celiac more; this might come in useful.

  5. I have yet to buy a gluten free cookbook, I find that the recipe sites people have already mentioned work well for me, and the gluten free blogs people have made are a fabulous resource. There are at least a half dozen that have wonderful recipes.

    Can they be posted here? (if you are interested)

    You could also do a blog search, type gluten free, and a list will come up...

    I hope you find some good stuff!!

  6. Are you me? :blink:

    I am your age, with 2 children, ages 3.5 and 5.5, and have the same exact question. I am only 6 months gluten free and still ironing out the kinks, (and I got glutened a few days ago, I am just feeling better now from it).

    And I figured that I am probably done now too. It would be so easy to stop now.

    I will be curious to see what happens.

    My husband and I decided to try and make a decision this summer, to wait until then to really discuss it.

    I waver. I think I am still healing, and when I feel sick, I think, NO WAY, and when I feel good, I think I could do it.

    Good luck. And isn't funny how there is usually someone else who feels the same way we do? :)

  7. I have 2 kids..3 and 5. My food rules are that they have to eat as many bites as their ages of everything that is on their plate. I give the 3 year old 3 bites of a veggie, meat, and starch. Once they finish that, then they can ask for seconds of anything that was on their plate.

    I always try to include at least one item that is a favorite, esp. if I am introducing something new, or something that I know they don't particularly care for.

    I don't serve dessert often, but I do have a "healthier" dessert when I am serving something that is difficult for them, like risotto. If they finish, then they can have dessert.

    Good luck! :)

  8. I'm having my wife read this thread so she can see I'm not using it as an excuse to bite everyone's head off for blatant transgressions like moving my juice to the other side of the fridge. cool.gif

    John..I actually started this thread for my husband; so he could see it wasn't just me!! :lol:

    And then, I got great comfort knowing I wasn't the only one.

  9. Thank goodness for all of you.:)

    I was beginning to feel like I was going insane, and I didn't want to turn into the girl who cried "gluten" :blink: for everything! :lol:

    And, I think this is part of my getting glutened experience, I am still learning about how my body tells me. <_<

    So, thank you, it is great to read that others feel the same way.

    And, I am watching movies tonight, my children just went to bed..and now I can be alone. :happy sigh: