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  1. So I've been battling stomach problems for about 6 years now. For about 4 years I visited multiple gastro doctors, took every IBS med known, and even had my gall bladder removed. They never once mentioned a gluten intolerance. I became so frustrated I just gave up and accepted by new life being sick all the time. I recently started reading up on a gluten free diet by accident and noticed that I almost have every symptom mentioned with having an intolerance. I've been eating gluten free now for about a week and already feel so much better and can't wait to see how continuing makes me feel. I'm also breastfeeding my 7 month old and have seen dramatic results with her behavior, poops (sorry, very common subject with moms), and sleeping habits (all SO MUCH better). I have 2 questions... If you have a gluten intolerance does that mean you must have celiac disease? If you live gluten free then have like a piece of bread does that start you back at step 1 or make you really, really sick? Thanks in advance for your response!
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