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  1. Could you post the recipe for this PLEASE, Thankyou
  2. where in the world can I find them i went to there site but was unable to access there store finder.
  3. Ok the dough calls for yeast, water sugar ( splenda) 3 tbs of flour and salt what kind of non wheat flour can i sub and still get sam effects?
  4. I am going to to try and not sound too mean about this post but I get tired of someone saying in here a product is glueten free and when you go and buy it or to buy it , it says right in the ingrediants that it is made with flour ( wheat flour) I am talking about Mannies tortias someone posted in here that they were glueten free ( well they are not glueten free!!!) Now in all fairness maybe they make different types maybe a wheat flour one and a corn flour one if that is the case I stand corrected and will accept blame for my mistake but please dont post that a product is if your not sure or it isnt. Thank You AL
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