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  1. Hi everyone. I have been researching my particular problems for about 8 years now and have tried so many different treatments and products and none has made any change to my problems. Here are a list of my symptoms: 1.) Severely dry skin (all over my body particularly my face, shoulders, back, upper arms, scalp, and ankles) 2.) acne all over my back, chest, shoulders, upper arms, some on face) 3.) severe seborrheic dermatitis (seborrhea) all over my face (particularly my chin, sides of my nose, between my eyes, scalp-dandruff) 4.) recurring bloating, gas, upper digestive pain, heartburn My face is often literally white with dead skin that is flaking and scaling off of my face, or red from inflamed patches of seborrhea and/or acne. I drink about a gallon of water a day and take numerous nutrional oils (omega 3 fish oils, borage oil, evening primrose) to combat the dry skin and dermatitis. These have had absolutely no effect on my skin condition whatsoever. Has anyone had any similar experiences that they later found out was a gluten sensitivity and later had their symptoms dissapear from following a gluten-free diet? I have been gluten free for a couple of days now and my symptoms actually seem a little worse. My skin is the same, but I have had increasing stomach/intestinal pain and diarrhea. Like I siad, I have tried for years to find something that would give me normal skin and I have never found it. I look like some kind of deranged beast- seriously, i bet you have never seen skin as dry as mine! Please help. I am desparate!!
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