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  1. At the gluten-free expo in Dallas this weekend there is a new product called Quakers that is like goldfish.
  2. I totally agree with everyone, I have Raynauds and am always cold! One time I was at a science museum and held up my...
  3. I know, the problem is when they bring it out on the special plate and it is still wrong! Still I love both PF Changs...
  4. Hello friends! I recently dined out at the PF Changs in Allen, TX. I ordered the Buddha's Feast and I ate most of it...
  5. There are a lot of options in Dallas, Company Cafe, Kozy Kitchen, Asain Mint, Extreme Pizza, PF Changs, Cantina Loredo...
  6. I am going to seminary to be a pastor and so whenever I lead communion, I plan it being gluten free too!
  7. Hello friends! Has anyone had any success at Vietnamese restaurants? If you live or have been to Dallas has anyone successfully...
  8. For those that live in Dallas, I went to the one in Preston Shopping Center and the staff was very knowledgeable. One...
  9. I have a probablem with eating fats. I have to be really careful or be within a bathroom really really fast. I can...
  10. My liver enzymes get elevated when I have gluten, that was one of the signs that helped the doctors test for Celiac Disease...
  11. I have not had a period for the last 5-6 years and I am only 25. The doctors have diagnosed me with hypothalamic dysfunction...
  12. I just went Sunday to one in Plano, TX and it was disappointing too.
  13. I have worked with two churches and would happy to help you. Our church recently shifted one service to entirely gluten...
  14. Does anybody have any good restaurants that they recommend in Santa Fe, NM? I will be going there later this week.
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