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  1. I know, the problem is when they bring it out on the special plate and it is still wrong! Still I love both PF Changs and Pei Wei, although I wish PF Changs had spring rolls and Pei Wei chicken lettuce wraps. What an interesting conversation about the soy sauces too!

    I've had exceptionally wonderful gluten free dining at P.F. Chang's for years, all over the U.S., from Hawaii to Florida, Louisiana to D.C. since 2005!

    What makes me feel so at ease is that they bring it on a special plate, signifying to the staff that it is gluten-free. From what I recall the plate is round with writiing around the edge of it. I am highly sensitive to the slightest cc and have never been sick from their food.

    In fact, I've had so much luck there, that I recommend to other restaurants (especially after one manager ran to my table and grabbed my spaghetti away before I could eat it) that they use a visibly different plate to draw attention to specially prepared, non-allergen meals.

  2. Hello friends! I recently dined out at the PF Changs in Allen, TX. I ordered the Buddha's Feast and I ate most of it before I found out I was served one not gluten free! I have been served a stir-fried one before and I knew that was not gluten free, however this one had tofu. Now I have been served one with tofu, but last night I did not eat any since I particularly don't like it. The manager noticed that I had pushed it to the side and rushed over to apologize to say that it should never have tofu. None of the items at PF Changs with tofu should be gluten free. I was shocked!!!! I was thinking well at least I didn't eat it, but look at all the cross-contamination. The manager did pay for my parties meal and give free dessert (which I partook of), I mean if I am going to be sick I might as well have chocolate beforehand. Needless to say I have not been feeling good for two days, from something I had eaten. Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a head's up because this was something that I was completely unaware of!!!!