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  1. Wow - all your posts make me want to travel more! I would say that the US is definitely difficult but it's getting better at stocking gluten-free food. The Midwest region seems to be better at this than the West Coast, but even so the better-tasting gluten-free breads are frozen where Europe's are fresh. I found England and Scotland very easy for celiacs. Germany was a little more difficult for me, since I barely speak rudimentary German and kept seeing all those great sandwiches all over Munich! But even the small grocery stores carry gluten-free bread, at least.
  2. Sorry - try the "international" forum. Grocery stores are good sources: Sainsburys, Tesco, and Morrisons all have gluten-free sections and products are clearly labeled. I understand there's a bakery in Oxford which mails within England; see the international forum for the reference. Have a yummy time!
  3. Yep, no kidding, a celiac traveler has it easy in the UK. MUCH easier than in the USA - fresh bread and rolls and desserts, and nothing has an unpleasant texture. I've been twice now and always find a gluten-free section in grocery stores: Sainsbury's, Tesco, and Morrison's. People in restaurants, pubs, and B & B's are pretty aware of the issue. You're right about airplane food, though - perhaps we should fly a British airline! About the soy sauce post - you probably already know that not every brand has wheat in it. Thanks for the York tip - I was hoping to read one!
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