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  1. And I don't agree with those who say "a calorie is a calorie." I have seen with myself that while total calories are always a consideration, it's the composition of the foods that make all the different in my own case. If I ate 1500 calories of eggs, leans meats & veggies I'd be fine and probably lose weight. If I ate 1500 calories of breads/starches/fruit/sugar things I'd bloat up like a pig and put on 10 pounds very quickly doing that for a few days.

    Control your cravings by limiting, or preferably eliminating sugars, starches, and other high carb-low nutrient foods. It only takes a couple of days to lose ALL the cravings.

    I think you are totally right about this. If you eat 1500 empty calories - then you're just hungry and irritable too. I've been watching The Biggest Loser (looking for motivation!) and they mentioned that you cannot burn calories if your body is processing sugar. That makes total sense to me. I have almost the exact same problem as you - I'm 8 days from my "year anniversary" and have put on quite a bit of weight this year. I'm absorbing food for once, but haven't changed the amount I eat. I also had the - I have to give up so much - but I can still have candy - mentality. That's been hard for me. My big problem is hunger. I started my diet Jan 1 and I'm hungry all of the time. I don't count calories - I do weight watchers - and have been trying to exercise everday. I'm going to try and cut out the candy starting tomorrow! :lol:

  2. Thanks for the cereal idea! I got about 2 ounces in him that way this morning. And the fruit smoothie thing worked. I used bolthouse - no sugar added 100% juice smoothie - about 1/3 of that 2/3 of milk. He LOVES the blueberry :)

    I also mixed the chocolate with half plain and he drank a whole cup. I guess it was just too rich for him. So we're getting there:) THanks for the help!

  3. I had my first baking success this weekend! Went to a family party and took peanut butter cookies. Someone saw me eating one and asked why I could have it. I said b/c they're gluten-free. They said - NO WAY!

    It's super easy - but full of sugar!

    1 cup brown sugar

    1 egg

    1 cup peanut butter

    mix it really good and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes...

    Tastes exactly like my old peanut butter cookies :)

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about all of your struggling!

    I hope that thoughts and prayers from all of us here at this site (we're a very supportive group) will help you on your path to better health.

    Have you been checked for any intolerances/diseases? There are a couple I think of when I read your story right off of the top of my head.

    C-Diff. It can be caused by strong antibiotics or by people not washing hands, etc. My Grandpa and Mom have both had it after surgery when they were on strong antibiotics. It can be cured by another form of medicine. http://www.cdiffsupport.com/aboutcdiff.html - go to this link to learn more about it.

    The other is what all of us here have - celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. You've come to the right place to learn more about this! Click away - hear our stories - you'll find others much like you. Helps you know you're not alone.

    Good luck and let us know how you're doing!

  5. It's all dairy - so no milk products at all. It's an allergy - not an intolerance.

    He HATES the vanilla. Likes the chocolate OK, but can only get him to drink and ounce or two at a time.

    A friend of mine told me to put a shot of a fruit smoothie in there and mix it up - that's how she gets hers to drink regular milk. We'll see :)

    I'll have to try the Pacific Ultra next.

    I bought some that comes in a juice box - he LOVES juice boxes - and am going to try that approach too...

    THanks for all of the suggestions!

  6. OK - so I had to switch my 17 mo old to soy milk. He is having a fit. Standing at the fridge crying milk. I give him a cup of soy milk - takes a sip and throws it at me. I've taken a drink, his dad and siblings have taken a drink and shown him it's yummy and he just doesn't care. I've tried the vanilla and chocolate. He'll drink a little of the chocolate, but won't touch the vanilla. I think he'd like it best if there were just a kind out there that tastes just like his beloved vitamin D....

    Any suggestions? HELP! :(

  7. UGH...What a situation.

    FOr the first one, maybe you need to take your mom and dad aside and just explain to them that pushing her to eat when she may not want any, is not a great idea. That is could really upset her stomach. It takes awhile for it to heal. She knows her body and when she's hungry. Let her take her time. I wouldn't even bring up the future eating disorder that it's heading for, but focus on the now and how she feels physically?

    As for the second, you need to put your foot down. I know it's hard with in-laws, but let them know you are in charge of her diet and no one else. End of story. I had a similar situation with my in-laws about a whole separate issue and when I was so just "no discussion" about it - they dropped it and have tried their best not to interfere...

    Good luck.. :)

  8. OK - so I'm really confused :)

    My son is 17 months old and keeps getting smaller and smaller on the percentage scale. Soon he's going to fall off of it :(

    Anyway, my ped sent him to a ped GI and they've tested his ttg's etc a couple of times - and no positives (Not surprising since he's only 17 months). HOwever, they went ahead and did an endoscopy two weeks ago b/c he has the gene and isn't gaining weight, has a distended belly, etc. They said they thought everything looked normal, but had to review the actual biopsies. When reviewed they found that he has eosinophilic esophogitis. WHite blood cells in the esophogus that I guess make the esophogus constrict and harder to eat. Usually caused by many food allergies. So they did the RAST test and only milk came up as a MILD allergy. NOt enough to cause the eosinophils (they think). His doctor ordered my biopsies from the lab that processed them to compare mine to his. He is curious if I really have eosinophilic esophogitis and not celiac. However, my ttg's were high. ANd my biopsies were done 6 weeks after I started my diet (I was losing too much weight to wait - so I'm afraid they won't see what they need...). But I guess if I am responding so well to my diet and I show the eosinophils that it might show some relation between the two? There is a Dr doing research as celiac presenting itself in this way. Does anyone know anything about it? Or anything about eosinophilic esophogitis?


  9. At least in Canada and the USA, "vinegar" when it appears as a single unqualified word in an ingredient list is safe. The only vinegar to worry about is malt vinegar, which is not distilled (all other types are), and it must be labelled as "malt vinegar." It cannot legally be listed as simply "vinegar" without the "malt" adjective.

    REALLY? You just made my day :)

  10. I think you're right. It's so interesting to hear what everyone is about...

    I work part time for a publishing company in the advertising division. We sell How To Magazines and Books. I work with the sales reps selling the ad space in the magazines. I also watch kids two days a week and coach volleyball. I have 3 little ones - 4,2, and 1. My husband works for Children's Hospital in the endocrine research division (not clinical research - scientific research).

    Life is crazy at our house - but lots of fun too!

  11. gfp is right about the light. I work for a publishing company - and the printing of some of them would just turn out to dark. From a publishing perspective - you will get the best reproductions from numbers 5, 6 and 27. 27 may turn a little dark - but it would be a nice landscape one if that's what you're going for....

  12. I just watched it with my kids - we DVR it and watch it the next day - they love it. And they LOVE Jordin. She's their favorite and mine too. I think it will come down to her and Blake. I like them both, but I think her sound is more universal....

    I think Lakisha and Melinda have great voices, but I don't think they're very original. THey are kind of old fashioned and I can't figure out what type of album they'd put out. Probably not one I'd listen to or buy. So that makes me lean towards Jordin - I think she'll put out the type of music I'd be more likely to buy...

  13. Trail mix is a must for me on a car trip - can keep me going until I find something I can eat. Maybe just pack a little cooler that they can keep refilling with ice from hotels. Celery and peanut butter, fruit, cheese. I saw at the store that they make packs of apples with dip, etc now in nice little easy packs like you get at McDonald's. Easy for travel - I think it was the DIsney brand at Kroger. I didn't read any ingredients yet though...

  14. My sister got it twice - we always thought it was because she didn't get it bad enough the first time....but now we know she has hashimoto's and Rhuematoid arthritis...So I wonder if there is a link there? I think shingles is a different strand of the chicken pox and if you had chicken pox you could get shingles, but am not positive about that...

  15. I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time :( You've come to the right place for support - there are many here that are happy to help and just listen if need be!

    What kind of test was taken the first time when they told you that you had celiac - and why are they questioning that you don't now? I went gluten-free immediately and was gluten free for quite a bit before my biopsy. THere was still plenty of damage to be seen. It takes longer than 3 months to heal - I wouldn't go back on gluten for a biopsy.

    I think Rice Guy is right - you need to get your levels of vitamins checked and make sure you get everything in balance. But why would food affect your pain if they were cysts? Maybe you have another intolerance that you're not aware of. A lot of people here seem to have other issues with soy or corn or whatever. I don't know much about figuring that out - I haven't had to yet - but I'm sure there's someone here with some great advice.

    Until you figure things out - maybe just try and stick to a very natural diet - veggies, fruit and meat. See if that makes a difference....

    Good luck - we'll all be rooting for you from our parts of the world :)