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  1. Hi I've finally decided to get a membership on here to try and help me, because i'm frustrated to no end! It's been a few years since I"ve started having "digestional" problems and almost a year since I've foudn out why. My old doc wanted to do a biopsy (standard procedure i hear) after my lab results came back "abnormal" for celiac....well, apparently that doesn't say anything until they poke around your insides and see what's there, and after she tried telling me that maybe it's jsut stress and basicaly all in my head, I decided to get another doctor. My aunt has dealt with celiac her whole life and because of that I knew i had options. She sees a doc who deals with natural medicine/homeopathic treatments and at first (well to be honest, i've always been a little skeptical) I was hesitant to call him up . BUt i know that without his help, my aunt would very well be a very sick or dead person right now. So.....i went to see him last year and now i not only have eliminated most of the symptoms, (on a good note) I am on my way to hopefully being a lot healthier...however, since seeing him, there have been other food allergies that he has tested me for that i now have which makes cooking an either very bland job or one i dont' want to partake in whatesoever. What's hard for me is that many of the wonderful gluten free foods i've discovered, i can't have because i'm still allergic to many of the common ingredients, such as potato, dairy, soy etc. If ANYONE can help me just come up with a few ideas for basic every day foods; breakfast, dinner etc..i would sooooo appreciate it!!! I hate to keep living by my motto lately (the holiday season was especially hard!): cheat or don't eat thanks so much to anyone who has anything for me
  2. Hi I'm new to this too...as well as the whole celiac/allergies go. I dont' know how far up in CT you are but my doc is pretty sensitive to the issues. I had to switch from my old one because she was trying to tell me nothing was wrong with me, that it was just stress...etc, etc. You know your own boday, ya know? anyway...what kinds of tests have you had? Are you doing better with the low gluten diet?
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