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  1. Thanks Pyro, for your response. Sometimes I think I have it all figured out, and then my body goes wierd again! Thank goodness I have a juicer........at least, when I have the time, I can make a nice green juice that feels great
  2. I would like to use a greens powder, but a bit gun shy. They told me at Garden of Life that Perfect Food is gluten free, but I had one serving and felt soooooo sick. Barleans Greens told me theirs is also gluten free............and they would refund my money if it doesn't feel right. Anybody had experience with any of these greens powders? Thanks! Chirunner
  3. Thanks a million to Slackermommy! I made the banana muffins tonight.......I even added some ground flaxseed and they were awesome!!! The texture is so totally not the dry gluten free texture I am used to! Yeah!
  4. Hi! Newbie here. I just bought some coconut flour to try. Has anyone had success with this? Any tips? I was thinking about trying to make chocolate chip cookies. Any great ideas? Thanks!
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