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  1. Maybe this is the wrong site, but need help, possibly from Lorka150, as to how my wife can gain weight. She lost about 30 lbs in about 2 to 3 months despite care from a GI and others. Believe her condition is turning around (small intestine) and her weight may be stabalizing at about 106 lbs (dressed) at about 5'4", 62 yrs. Any help appreciated. Maximumbob Please, if possible, reply to rbrown@texasbar.com.
  2. 2/5/07 In response to MSG and glutamates, etc., I need to know if "autolyzed (sic) yeast extract: listed in chicken broth, is potent to someone with celiac disease. I suspect it is used as falvoring, i.e. MSG. My wife was diagnosed in '98 with celiac disease (blood test only), also lactose intolernace, and has lost about 30 pounds in the last three months (shortly after suspect TIA) but may have now stablized at about 106 lbs, dressed, at 5'4". Trying very hard to maintain strict diet and haven't been able to find out if small intestine has flatened villa and/or there is musous damage to wall, which I suspect is the cause for malabsorption. Will find out in a couple of days. Have her on probiotics, two types (Florastor), enzymes, vitamins, etc. She is very depressed but continues to work as OTR with autistic children. Buy from Whole Foods and bread from Celiac Free local restaruant/bakery that has a celiac disease free menu. Can't find a local GI speacialist or someone locally that knows what they are doing in this area. I guess I need to find a local celiac disease support group. Tired of printing up list that are all suspect because of changing contents or discoveries that things are now suspect, or or no longer suspect. Does any one know how the phase two tests is coming along in Palo Alto, Calif. I am sorry but I don't have the specific info as I am work, but it was the company that got a 21 mil grant to proceed with its specicifc molecule testing. Sorry for covering to many areas.yeast I do have a toll free number, but being new to this site, not sure that I can provide it. Any info is appreciated, Maximumbob
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