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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Believe me I am in the same boat as you! I have not yet been diagnosed with celiacs, but I am awaiting the appointment for my biopsy....I am currently 40lbs overweight and have tried EVERYTHING to loose weight (besides going gluten free, but I can't do that until after my biopsy). So just to let you know, you are most definatly not alone....One forum user reccomended the Atkins diet to me, she said it is the only thing that helped her....the basis for this diet is carb free, which in turn eliminates most of the gluten in your diet.....hope this helps
  3. I was just wondering...amidst all of the other things that have been going on while I am waiting for my biopsy appointment I have recently noticed small amnts of blood in my stool. My doc. did a bunch of stool sample tests when we started the testing and they said everything was clear....has this happened to anyone else?? Or do you think this is something unrelated??? Thanx...
  4. Me again... Thank you all so much...it is so nice to have so much support...My husband and my family try to be understanding, but none of them really know that much about it, so I think it sounds a lot more simple then it really is to them...Your meal suggestions and ideas are great!!! Like I said before it is certainly nice to know others are in the same boat as me with the weight gain, I think other than the constant, frequent bouts of cramps and bathroom living the weight gain has been one of the most frusterating parts of all of this....again thank you all so much!! Christy
  5. Hi, In waiting for my appointment with the gastroenterologist to have my biopsy I have been considering trying a gluten free diet...but the problem is my husband is a gluten. The thing I am having trouble with is what kinds of things can I cook or do, so that he doesn't have to change the things he likes to eat on account of me>?? Anyone have suggestions???
  6. Well it certainly is nice to know that there are others in my boat....It has been so frusterating for so long, I have tried everything, everything but a gluten free diet that is. I am planning on trying to go gluten free, I am just being a little resistant, I am scared is more like it...I think it will be so hard...what do I do for meals and stuff, for my gluten husband...???
  7. Hi again, I just have a quick question....I have a lot of the main symptoms of Celiacs, and am currently awaiting the test results to confirm for sure, but I was wondering...one of the things I read over and over is the weight loss....but I have the opposite problem, I have had unexplianed weigh gain in the past year or so. Is this normal???
  8. Well I can honestly say I am in the same boat, I am awaiting the appointment date of my own colonoscopy, and it freaks me out....The part about the tubes down the throat are a breeze, I can say from experience, when your asleep you don't even know the difference, both times I have had it done I didn't even know when I woke up that it happened, and here's hopin the camera in the butt thing is the same...
  9. It's funny reading what you said about your brother's denial, it sounds all to familiar. I am currently awaiting the diagnosis that I feel is inevitable, but still like to try and "defy the odds". For instance last night I ate fries and a bagette sandwich for supper, and have barly left the bathroom since, but yet I still want to tell myself "maybe I have a virus or something", even though I clearly know what is going on. Denial is a funny thing.....
  10. Hi, Over the past year or so the idea of Celiacs has been preseted to me as a possibility. I have had the following symptoms: cronic diarreha, severe joint/bone pain, stomach aches, fatigue, a slightly positive ANA test, and a lower than normal B12 test. Does this sound like it could be Celiacs?? I am booked to go and see a gastroenteroligist about this, I just wondered what you guys think.... Christy
  11. Hi, My name is Christy, I have not been officially diagnosed with Celiac's as of yet, but am currently going through all of the tests. I was reading through this discussion about a Positive ANA test and having Celiacs and I totally agree that they are related. It has been suspected for quite some time that I have Celiacs and just recently my tests came back slightly B12 deficient as well as a slightly positive ANA test. Nothing else came back positive except for those two. Everything I have been researching points to those two being related, as well as the B12. My symptoms have been cronic diarreha, upset stomach and severe fatigue. I have heard that the one main symptom is weight loss, but that is definatly not my case, I have had the opposite problem, unexplained weight gain?? Is this common?? I will keep everyone informed of my results Christy
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