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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am back on the gluten free diet after ten years. When I was diagnosed through a blood test ten years ago I was on the diet, then went off, and then took a biopsy which was negative. I went back on gluten. I was briefly off it again right before I got married, and I got pregnant but miscarried. Now four years later, I have been reading about Celiac and Infertilty. I was in perimenopause and after lap surgery my fsh went way up and then stayed around 34. I decided to try the diet again and I have been wondering if indeed I do have it. I have been gluten free for over a month. At first, things got great! A lot of health problems just vanished, and the best of all, my fsh fell to 16 in one month, I was convinced that my fertility was being restored. Now, all of a sudden, I am getting hot flashes again, worse then before, and I have floaters in my eyes. I also am missing periods. I was getting pretty regular cycles before the diet, now all of a sudden they are missing again! Will infertility symptoms sometimes get worse when you first go gluten free? Are my hormones reacting to the diet, and will they eventually balance out? I don't understand these new symptoms, and I really want to just continue on the diet, I am really pleased by the lower fsh when I first started the diet, but I am wondering if it has gone back up or are these detox symptoms? Also accidental glutening is causing worse symptoms than ever, making me think that this was indeed my problem all along. Aside from the infertility, I feel pretty good overall, and my depression has gotten better. I am really confused, please someone shed some light on this!!!!
  3. Hi answering my own post! Now I am really confused! Been gluten free for over a month now, and my fsh went way down to 16! However, I am missing cycles and having hot flashes all of a sudden! What the heck is going on? Does going Gluten free put you in early menopause???? Please answer!
  4. Does anyone else also have a problem with coffee? I get bad really bad cystic acne like the celiac rash, whenever I ingest coffee or cappachinos? I am wondering if there is a link? Also does Clinique makeup have gluten in it? Also Herbal Essences Rasperry shampoo? What detergent has it? I want to know every hidden gluten. Sue
  5. Hi, Wow, I have not posted here for a few years! I guess I am sorta of a newbie, or renewed newbie! I was first diagnosed through a blood test ten years ago. I also had a negative biopsy. Tried the gluten-free diet for awhile, but then stopped. I became convinced I was not Celiac after a second blood test showed negative. However..... Recently I have been reading a lot about Celiac Disease and Infertility. I got pregnant four years ago, at 41, very quickly right after my wedding but miscarried. I actually had been doing the diet again for a few months, although not religiously. I never really saw a connection. I tried Fertility Blend after that and was able to get my fsh down to 2.5. Still no baby. Now, I have been researching gluten-free again. So I decided to try the diet again. My fsh dropped from 35 last month down to 17! Both me and my doctor are in shock! I was worried because right after I started the diet last month, I missed a cycle, and then got spotting and then something seemed to shift, and I got a five day bright red period for five days. I was at the time, getting dark red, having stagnant problems where my period would seem like it was coming, but would not, and I was getting major hot flashes, and I was feeling like my dream of being a mom was over. Now, since I got back on the diet, right after the red blood cycle this month, my fsh goes down, hot flashes are gone, I feel better than I have ever felt and less depression. I am convinced now, that even though the biopsy showed nothing all those years ago, that the gluten must have been making major problems with my reproduction system! Maybe that is where the damage was being done! All I know is I tried the diet and now my cycles are becoming regular and my fertility appears to be returning. I feel like I can now really embrace the whole idea, and I have accepted it, I am gluten intolerant! I don't think I will retest, I will just accept this. If it brings me a baby, I will know what god has been trying to tell me all this time. It could have saved my life. I am really pleased to discover the changes that have occurred with this over the ten years. I see actual menus at restaurants now, gluten free food at regular grocers, and amazingly, I am finding gluten-free food that actually taste good! I know I can do it now! That blood test showed me this is putting me closer to my dream, so that is all I need. I have a few questions though. I had an ultrasound yesterday, and doc says one of my ovaries, the left, is extremely small, could this be due to the gluten? The other one is fine. Will staying gluten-free increase it's size? Will it thicken my lining again? Something positive is happening down there, I know that. Doc says I am no where near POF now. I am ovulating it appears. Will being gluten-free cause me to have more fertile cervical fluid too? Also, has anyone on here used Fertility Blend? I called the company today, and they said that it is gluten free, although it is made in a plant that manufacturers gluten, but she said that they are immaculate about cleaning though. I used it before and it really lowered my fsh, do you think I should try it again? It also helped thicken my lining, and I am now starting to believe it increased the size of my ovaries back then too as well as aiding my cervical mucus. I also found out that Nutra Blend is gluten-free too. I am also hearing a lot about DHEA, does anyone know if it is gluten free, and if it is alright to take it with Fertility Blend? I have heard it does wonderful things to the eggs in older women and causes better response? I am going to just stay where I am right now with just the diet, the yoga and juicing, but next month I may consider these? What do you guys think? I really feel encouraged. For the first time, I truly believe this has been the problem for years. I just hope the gluten did not damage everything and I caught it in time! Susanne
  6. Since nobody seems to be answering either of us, I just want to say that I am going to get my progesterone levels checked after ovulation, although because I am in my forties, it is difficult for me to determine when I am ovulating, I actually think it may be way after day 14, and I also think I might have a luteal phase defect. Also Ursa mentioned above to get my vitamin levels checked, I am in the process of doing this. Maybe you too could have your progesterone levels and vitamins checked. I understand that it is tied to the folic acid absorption with Celiac, so I am guessing if our folic acid levels are low then that would show the problem, but if they are not low, then perhaps the Celiac is not the problem, at least not the main problem. Just thought I'd share that with you. I too am really confused over the role Celiac plays in the infertility. I think a lot more research needs to be done on Celiac over all. Just my opinion. Sue
  7. I just got tested again and got my results back. This time I got the IGG, IGA and some kind of new test, I think the ELISA. I am very confused. All the tests for were a very high normal, negative. I have been eating gluten and on gluten, not gluten free diet for seven years now. Now, I need you guys to keep an open mind about what I am about to say, because I have read a few of your past posts, and I know this is a very sensitive nature topic. I am also not in denial, if my doctor still tells me in a few weeks to stay gluten free I will for my fertility's sake and the future of my family, but I am wondering now about the old adage, that medicine is not an exact science. I have also read a lot about this and I even followed a gluten free diet seven years ago for about a year, but not even perfect, to be honest. I mainly stayed away from the hard grains, basically whole wheat. I had the IGG blood test seven years ago before I did anything, and it came back positive, since then I get retested every year, and since I have always been negative as well as two negative biopsies. I have been thinking about what someone said on this board a couple days ago about levels of Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance, ex, like diabetes, maybe there is a stage 1, 2, 3. Maybe that is what is going on, but I also read an article today about a research study that said, "The IgG is not as specific (it can be positive in non celiacs). " And on this website, Celiac.com, I read, "In approximately 21% of patients with other gastrointestinal disorders, this test might yield false positive results but is less likely to yield false negative results. " This is taken from Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Tests Results, that is on this forumn. I also know that you have said that false positives, are rare, but you have never said impossible. I am somebody, that rare seems to happen to a lot. Anyways, the reason I am writing this, is my concern of "other gastrointestinal disorders," that is mentioned. I want to be sure that I don't have something else, that is all. I am very concerned with my fertility, and future children and I want to be sure. You say follow a gluten free diet and find out, well, I have for two weeks now, and even before, I seem to react bad to any type of whole grain, even rice and potatoe grain. I am wondering now if it is a whole grain allergy, because when I eat just regular white bread, not any whole grain, my symptoms subside. I am wondering if it was possible that I had an allergy to whole wheat, and whole grains. If this is the case then a lot of Celiac food, would still make me sick, and it does seem too. I have noticed in the past, that when I have tried the gluten free food, I have gotten pretty sick. I have done pretty well staying away from just the whole grains. Now maybe there is a link here to the gluten, I don't know. I also don't want to ignore the possibility that I could have some other gastrointestinal disorder that is mimicing the Celiac diseaes, does any one know what diseases that they may be referring to? I am always going to stay away from whole wheat, barley, oats, etc. I just don't seem to tolerate even the substitutes. I don't know if anyone has any elightment on this or suggestions. I am really confused but I am going to talk to my doctor more about it. I think like any other tests, there is a possibility of false positives, that could indicate some other illness, I am going to dig further and further to see If I can figure it out. If I have indeed an allergy to whole wheat only, I am wondering if this is why my test was positive seven years back, because before then I was consuming the whole wheat. There must be a whole other category out there that has not been discovered yet. Please remember please keep an open mind on this, I am not in anyway suggesting that you guys do not have this or that it is not devasting, if anything, I hold my hat off to you, for being so brave and caring. I admire all of you for what you are doing, it is not easy, I have been there. I just want to be sure that I am doing the right thing for my body and future child. I am also going to get testing hopefully this week, for my folic acid, etc. levels, because I agree that that would be a starting point to truly know if my body is absorbing this valuable acid correctly. Anyways sorry so long, but I wanted to point out my results and perhaps suggest that maybe there could be error in diagnosis, and just keep an open mind. Susanne
  8. I used to do the burger out of the bun thing at Wendys, I actually had a guy that knew the situation and he would give me the burger in a potatoe pan. My question is , I have heard that the McGriddle sandwiches are made with Tapicoca Starch, is this still correct?
  9. From Katanya16- Okay I want to take a poll then, how many of you out there have low progesterone levels? This could be a key, all my sisters had low progesterone levels and conceived after being given progesterone pills. I have shown low progesterone levels, but cannot convince my doctor to give me the pills because they keep testing me at the wrong times. I have always suspected that others in my family had celiac disease too, but they refuse to get tested. I am wondering if there is some link between celiac disease and Low Progesterone. Does anyone have any thougths??? Also, does anyone else have a few days of brown spotting before their periods? This is interesting and I think we are finding a link between us.
  10. I forgot to ask. Is there anymore free Celiac Food lists available, when I was diagnosed seven years back there was a list of commercial food that was free to download, I cannot afford to pay for lists, please help, there must be something out there??? Also is Ben and Jerry's ice cream still Gluten Free? I use the one a day prenatal vitamin because I cannot seem to tolerate more, or even the evening primrose, does anyone else have this problem?? Also, is Lipton defcaf tea okay? Is there anyone that would be willing to IM on aol with me either today or this weekend? It would really help, it helped for my husband's protein absorption problem, he has a chat buddy. Sus P.S. Does anyone know of any support groups in Oakland County, Mi where you can sample different Gluten free foods, I went to one a few years back and it really helped. Also I received an email that Nicole2 responeded to my email but I did not get it, could you resend it?
  11. I don't know what keeps happening to my posts. I posted another response but it seems to jam or something, it is probably my computer, I am also a writer so I may be making things too long. sorry. I will try to keep it short. Here are the main questions: I have had a strange bloating or stomach gain, since I started on gluten again, and since my last miscarriage, I think it is more than post pregnancy weight because it makes me look about 4 months pregnant, and it seems to increase when I eat. has anyone here had this? Urla, what doctor should I go to for these tests? Is there anyone here ttc after 40 and just coming off of gluten, or who has been gluten free in the past and managed to get pregnant? I am really worried about having to wait another six months before trying because I will be 44 in July although my ovarian reserve is really good but my progesterone and estrogen is low, but my doctor says that I have the reproductive function of a twenty year old. I have a lot of good eggs. Also are any of the fertility drugs or shots, or Fertility blend gluten free? Lastly, how should I start with a gluten free diet again, I do not want to suddenly shock my system? I have already for over seven years given up whole wheat, oats, barley and grains, but I still eat regular white bread, because I do not have the intestinal damage and I have never had a positve endoscope, only blood tests, although after my miscarriage and I was eating a ton of gluten for a few years at that point, I got a negative blood test. I am so confused and don't know where to start. I keep messing up, I had rice and vegetables yesterday, no bread, passed on the pita bread, but last night and today I feel awful. Please help me for a starting point, and something that won't hurt with the folic acid absorption if I were to be pregnant now. Also how do you guys get the folic acid in your diet. I take one prenatal vitamin a day with 400 mgs of folic acid, is this enough? It is gluten free. It is called Pregnancy Plus, something similar helped me to get pregnant last time. I will end here so I don't crash it again. Sus
  12. I too read Toni's book! I also read a book called "You can get pregnant after 40!" `I also am afraid of miscarriage, I had one so far. I was wondering where you got the NOW vitamins? I am currently taking Pregnancy Plus on Early Pregnancy test.com. They are supposed to be gluten free, do you think this is good or should I switch to one like yours, I only have to take one a day which is better for me. I had been on a gluten free diet about seven years back but in 2004 I went back to Gluten after a negative blood test and a negative endo. I am now wondering if this is the cause of my infertility. It is hard to stay gluten free not only because of will power but my finances are really bad right now. My husband is laid off, etc. However to get pregnant I will try anything. I have read a lot a lot of maybe just going naturally gluten free while trying to get pregnant. I just had another blood test but I have not got the results back yet. I want to start one day at a time and in small steps with this. What would be the best way to step back into the Gluten free lifestyle and hopefully less expensive? I already for years have not ate whole wheat, barley, oats, and hard wheats, because it excelerates skin problems. My skin at least has stayed clear now for years, only with an occassional small break out. I think I am going to start by cutting bread completely out. I am a little out of practice though, but I seem to remember without the fiber experiencing a lot of constipation, and stomach discomfort and being on fiber con a lot which I want to avoid in case I succeed in getting pregnant again. I am really afraid!! I read here that one should probably wait 6 months before trying to conceive after being on gluten free diet, six months is like a life sentence for someone about to be 44 years old in July, and trying to have a baby. Time is of such essence. Any suggestions??? Also I have been on the prenatal vitamin for a while now. I also took Fertility Blend for about six months before, do you know if this has gluten? I am so confused on how to start again. I do not want to make mistakes. I am going to try to have rice with vegetables today because I am eating out. I remember eating out on gluten from before, I remember what to look for, I used to take my gluten free bread everywhere with me and substitute. I may not be perfect with the whole cross contamination thing. I am just now learning how to cook. So I have been eating out a lot. I remember I used to ask the restaurants to give me say the fish without touching the bread and then I would put it on my gluten free bread. That seemed to work for me. I think the main thing I always thougth was the more normal I would feel the easier it was for me to follow the diet. I am already skilled at reading labels, a little out of practice with the gluten though. My husband has trouble absorbing protein so I have been reading labels for him recently. I would like for anyone here who has had children over 40, to comment, I would feel much better! Especially if they had their babies after going gluten free. I am so terrified I have wasted too much time because of lack of knowledge from doctors,etc. Please read my previous post. I just would like some advice on how and where to get started. I remember going to a support group where you could taste different gluten free products, and this helped a lot, because things have to taste good, it is essential for me to invest in them and maybe even get my husband to eat them too, because he is supposed to cut back on his gluten intake too. Also I want to have good tasting products for my future children I will have. Have you heard of these support groups and does anyone know of any in the Oakland County Michigan area? Lastly, If I take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid, should I also take additional folic acid supplements. I am going to get tested for my levels though. The thing is even though I am 43 all my fertility tests come back really good, especially the ovarian reserve that Toni mentions in the book, I do have some problems with cervical fluid, ovulation, and some missed periods, but for the most part my doctor said I am like a 20 something year old fertility, so god has helped me to hold on I think. I really feel like he wanted me to wait for the advances in Celiac research. I really want to have a baby before I get too old. I know it will happen, please tell me,,,,,,,, What is the best way to get back to a natural gluten free diet that is safe for a woman trying to concieve and has been eating gluten again for about the last three years????? Susanne
  13. I was not really sure where to post this. I will start with my story. About seven years ago, I had the normal two blood tests for Gluten, one came back a very high positive. I was diagnosed with a Gluten Enteropathy. I also had I guess what is now referred to as the Hermormis (not sure of spelling) skin rash, very bad, was misdiagnosed as Cystic acne for years and on countless antibiotics as a result. I also two different endoscopes, strangely they both came back with no damage to villi at all. My doctors were confused but still insisted that I must have a gluten intolerance or wheat allergy, so they put me on a gluten free diet. After just a few months on the diet, my skin completely cleared up! My dermotologist was in disbelief! So I stayed on the diet for a few years as best as I possibly could, although it got quite expensive, and at the time, I was in my late 20's and single and very broke all the time. In 2004 I got married. We got pregnant right away and we were so thrilled but it soon ended at 7 weeks as a miscarriage, we were devastated. I went in and had a D & C and that was that. At the end of that year my insurance at my work was changing and I was getting the Gluten blood test regularly to check my levels. After that year the test would cost me more so I opted to go in for the test at the end of the year. My doctor was amazed, all the Gluten blood tests came back negative! So they told me that it looked more like a wheat allergy and that the main thing is that I stay away from the hard grains; whole wheat, oats, barley, and others. I have found since then that my skin has stayed clear, and I can eat regular white bread in moderation, as well as other foods. I just stay away from the bad ones and I seem fine. My concern now is since then, it looks like like a lot of research has been done and my new doctor says that even though you don't have damage to the Villi, that I still may have Celiac Desease! We have been trying to concieve since we last miscarried, and have had no success, now I am wondering if it is because I have not been on a completely gluten free diet. I am reading the new research about Folic Acid, I started taking a natural vitamin with Folic Acid, I was also taking Fertility Blend, which I am not sure is gluten free or not. How long does someone have to be on a gluten free diet before seeing fertility results. I am really worried because I will be 44 in July, and we do not have a lot of time, also my insurance does not cover fertility treatments. Do you recommend any natural gluten free treatments? What is you advice for me. I am trying to get back into the gluten free lifestyle, but I seem to be going backwards now, more consipation, more stomach problems... Please help! Susanne
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