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  1. My son was diagnosed with diabetes at 2 1/2 and celiac at 3 1/2. One of the side effects for high blood sugar is their tummy may hurt. Four months before he was diagnosed with Celiac he kept complaining that his tummy hurt 2 or 3 times a day. A lot of the time his blood sugar was fine. He has been gluten free ( the best I know how at the moment) for a month and the tummy complaint is still the same. Many times he will say his tummy is on FIRE. I feel helpless. This week we are trying the lactose free items to see if that will help. I have given him Pepto Chewables, and the GI nurse said to try tums. I really haven't noticed that they help. I don't want him to say his tummy hurts, so he can have these items that taste yummy, and I don't know how many carbohydrates they have (which affects his diabetes). I need to call on that. I hope someone has some suggestions. Diana
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