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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am actually going to make an attempt to be there as well Is anyone bringing anything...food or otherwise...
  3. Laurel I have to give you *Kudos* for pulling this all together. As well as notifying us that posted previously but hadnt been back in a while It is still tentative as to whether I have to work this weekend, If I do not I would love to meet up with you all! Thank you again so much for contacting me and pulling this together
  4. Wow! I really havent kept up with my own post. I'm a little mad at myself for that now but hopefully we can all support each other. Its good to see that everyone is so willing to help one another. I'm still up for supporting each other as much as possible; weather it be actually all getting together or just finding ways to support each other through postings and emails. I'm fairly young with basically no family here so I definitely will take any help I can get and would love to be able to share some of the wisdom I've gained as well feel free to email me at nicole.nnfl@gmail.com
  5. I spoke with the manager of the Carrabba's that i went to and he told me that the waiters are told to ring in gluten free food differently so that the cooks know how it should be prepared. But they did send me a gift cert worth $45 to make up for the meal that I paid for and couldnt eat. I just hope when I go back they dont make me sick again!!
  6. That's the thing is I ordered everything the way I should have. I dont ever eat salad dressing anymore so I ordered my salad with out dressing and croutons, my salad had dressing anyway so I didnt eat it. I also ordered my steak with out the grill baste, my vegetables with no sauces butters, cheeses etc and asked him to make sure all was prepared seperately and there was no bread products around my plate. I contacted the company today so we will see what their response is.
  7. I might just contact the company, part of me not complaining in restaurants is being young, having friends that work as waiters/waitresses and what they say they do to people's food that complain. I dont really know how much of it is true but I really just try not to send my food back at any point. It must have been my waiter the first time I went, he was seriously awesome, I had absolutely no problems the first time and they were busier the first time than they were the second. I really dont know how to sugar coat things either so when I do complain it can be rather harsh and when I worked in customer service I hated the way people treated me. I guess I just need to get used to talking to managers and being more assertive if I want to eat out. Thank you guys for kinda nudging me to do what I know I should have done in the first place.
  8. I guess it is just a rub they put on the steaks, I'm not sure but their gluten free menu says to ask for the grill items without it. I am not sure whats in it that makes us sick but my stomach has hurt all day! So when I did, I didnt get what i ordered. That is strange that the location by you has limited hours, the one i went to was at almost ten last night, I was having a very late dinner.
  9. Ok, so a couple weekends ago I went to Carrabba's with a friend and they were awesome. The waiter told me what I needed to ask for prepared specially. My friend last night wanted Italian before we went out to the bar, Carrabba's is just down the street from the bar so I suggested we go there, figuring it would be a great experience like the last time. Well it wasnt, I gave all of my order to the waiter and even told him exactly how I needed everything made. When it gets to my table I dont really notice anything different from the last time about my $20 steak until I take a bite of it. They put their "grill baste" on it, I wasn't positive last night so I stopped at one bite and brought the rest home. When I woke up at four this morning to go to the bathroom (I didnt get home until after two) I knew for sure. So now I am stuck with this $20 Filet that I cannot eat and am highly dissappointed and slightly frustrated. I hate to complain at restaurants and really hate to get managers involved. I know that having Celiac automatically makes that need necessary but I still have a really hard time with it and am fairly embarrassed when a manager does come to my table. Now I dont know weather to complain or just suck it up and give the steak either to my sister's boyfriend or the dogs..
  10. I hadnt really thought of that! I get REALLY fatigued when I get glutened so I could see how that would work!! I was just researching for drinking purposes since I know I can still drink hard liquor.
  11. I asked the pharmacy manager about it at the Publix that I get my drugs at and she was clueless as to what I was talking about. I searched and searched Seasonale's website and searched for the generic too and couldnt find any information. I finally got frustrated and gave up. Everytime I write an email the response I get just makes me mad because people are soooo ignorant. Even with information given to them they still act ignorant. The whole thing just gets frustrating after a while, especially when there is no set standards and people act like Celiac and gluten intolerance is soo rare.
  12. I'm sure this is old information for some of you but this is the response I got from red bull: Good news - Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugarfree are both wheat and gluten free! I say this with great confidence as I too am gluten intolerant and luckily I can still enjoy my wiiings (daily)! So pop open a cold can, and watch your wiiings grow! Cheers, Jeanine Red Bull North America www.redbullusa.com
  13. I am currently taking the generic for Seasonale, I think it is called Jolessa. I cannot find any good information on the print outs given with the script, or on the one that comes from the manufacturer. I looked on glutenfreedrugs.com however couldnt find it on there. Most of the other pills are gluten free but this is a newer form of birth control, it lets you only have four periods a year! Does anyone know if it is gluten free or has anyone else been taking it and been ok?
  14. Thank you all for your kind wishes! I have found tons of useful information and helpful people. I am trying to keep things simple at first and then ease myself into more complicated dishes that include some sort of flavoring. I am trying to look at the positvie side of things and think about all I can still eat. Im just in the new stages wehre I really hadnt thought about certain things but they are hitting me slowly. Like the fact that I will never have a normal wedding cake hit me last night. At first I wanted to cry, then I thought well all weddings dont have to have cake right? I can do something different, something memorable whenever it is that I choose to settle down and get married. I am starting to feel more energetic for the most part, Im pretty sure someone at work passed the crud to me. I am also starting to feel more confident since this is making me more aware of my choices and forcing me to be healthier. Not a bad thing at all. I think I just worry too much about the choices I am making. My biggest worry is health and beauty products, I worry that I am continuing to use the wrong products and that is effecting me. I think I might just be paranoid because I want to finally feel better so badly!
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